Classes: The Channeller

Channellers are not quite a wizard, nor a cleric, but manipulators of the basic energies that compose both Arcane and Divine powers. Where a wizard would methodically learn precise motions, words, and combinations of materials to focus arcane power to specific ends, a Channeller learns how to channel this power directly. Similarly they are trained to reach other planes of existence where deities emanate energies of their domains, and pull that power back to them into spell form. Through much trial, error, and manipulation a Channeller can create magic out of nothing simply by the concentration of their Willpower.

Although Channellers are the most direct form of spellcaster, they do come with limitations. Each school of magic and domain of divine power comes with their own particular types of energy. A Channeller does not start out with the ability to draw from all of these various points of magic at level 1. Instead, they start with 1 school of magic, and 1 domain of divine power, then gain access to additional ones as they level. For each even level, a new divine domain, for each odd level, a new arcane school. In total there are 8 schools of magic, and 16 domains of divine power.

Once a Channeller gains access to a domain or school, he simultaneously gains access to any spells from them that he has an awareness of. On creating a new character they would use the same INT based chart for determining starting spells that other casters use. They differ from clerics in this regard in that they are not a focus of divine power, but require the skill to actually use that energy. This means they learn divine-based spells more along the lines of how a standard wizard would. They do receive double the normal amount of starting spells, but half are required to be divine.

When it comes to learning new spells a Channeller can simply do research on a field of magic and make learn spell checks for each spell over the course of a month per spell level. In this manner a Channeller could learn all the level 1 spells from a domain in a month, similarly all the level 3 spells in a school would take 3 months to learn. This requires a proper instructor be it a wizard specialist of a school, a member of the clergy, or an extensive library to sufficiently research the material. While a specialist wizard might not have all of the spells of a school available, a Channeller would be able to use knowledge of a spell along with the methods from other spells in the school to connect the dots and manifest the spell as needed.

Channeller – Requisite Stats (at least 13) INT, WIS, WIL

At level 10 a Channeller becomes an Avatar, and gains 2 points to each of their requisite stats.

Starting Proficiencies : Spellcraft, Religion

Channellers are by far the most dedicated to their craft. They not only learn how to harness arcane energies, they understand why these arcane energies exist and how. In addition, they are able to directly channel divine power from the higher planes without any intermediary. After learning these two skills the final step is to combine and blend the two into a single art form, and perfect their spellcrafting.

Channellers favor optimization of energy when in combat, and with a large base of power they have little trouble channelling wave after wave of energy. Having access to a range of arcane and divine casting, they will typically begin to blend the two creating such a repertoire unmatchable by any other class. When another spellcaster is present, a Channeller will goad them into revealing more of their power, because as they witness and interpret these their capability to reproduce them increases. Through learning from their own party members a Channeller is able to round out entire schools of magic and domains of divine power without needing to carry a spellbook or pray in advance.

Channellers keep a lofty perspective when dealing with other educated spellcasters. Listening to the average mage speak on practice, or a cleric jaw about some deity or another become quickly annoying as a Channeller understands how the energies in the weave of magic flows. The theoretical limits of magic are more their style and interest. Often times a Channeller will forgo learning other crafts and skills as they continually research and learn about these theoretical limits, and in the long run it tends to pay off for them. If they survive that long.

Special Abilities

Channellers can draw energy from the divine plane by force of will alone, and has grasped the currents of arcane energy flawlessly. Channellers do not need to record their spells in any book, nor do they need to memorize spells each day. At each level they can learn a new domain or school of magic, and thus gain access to learning spells from that domain/school as they gain knowledge of them. At first level they have access to one School and one Domain. They learn spells through experiencing them directly. Instead of casting a spell from a scroll or spellbook, they can use the magic expelled to learn it provided it matches a domain or school they have acquired. They are also able to absorb energy from some types of magic items that do spell-like effects, although it will cause that item to lose 50% of the charges associated with it. They are also able to learn spells being cast on them directly, or from a teacher that would normally instruct. They are only restricted in learning by what domains/schools they have available, all manners of learning spells require a Learn Spell check as normal.

Energy Blast – At level 2, instead of casting a spell the Channeller can gradually force raw energy into existence, similar to an Arcanite. The longer this channelling is held, the more damage it will do, but it can only be held for as many rounds as the Channeller has spell levels available. Each round held consumers a higher level spell and the channelling will be stalled at that increment if a step up in power is not available. Unlike Arcanites however, channelling raw energy will do some damage to the caster. Ranged touch attack, miss = half damage, 5′ radius per level may save for half.

Round – Damage – Backlash

  1. 2d4 – 2
  2. 2d8 – 4
  3. 3d10 – 6
  4. 8d6 – 10
  5. 10d8 – 15
  6. 10d12 – 20
  7. 6d10x3 – 25
  8. 6d10x4 – 30
  9. 6d12x5 – 40

Draw Energy – At level 4, a Channeller can concentrate to replenish some of his spells per day. This takes 1d4 non-combat rounds and a Willpower check at -2 for each level of spell to be recovered. Level 1 spells would have a -2 check, level 2 would start at -4, level 3 at -6 and so on. Then for each number of spells past the first to be recovered would be an additional -2 per attempt. Starting from the lowest level spell onwards. Recovering a 2nd, 3rd, and 4th level spell would require checks of -4, -6(-2), -8(-4). Failing a check has no consequence. Creatures sensitive to magic will be drawn to this. Needless to say, this is not subtle in the slightest.

Applied Research – At level 6, a Channeller gains the ability to acquire new domains and schools of power through research. They may begin using either combat or non-combat proficiencies to unlock schools and domains in addition to learning a new one each level. Unused proficiency slots earned prior to 6th level can be assigned to these. Domains and schools are split up into Low and High magic variants as far as the proficiency slots are concerned. A Low magic proficiency would cover spell levels 1-3, and High would cover 4-9. To acquire an entire domain, they would need to use two proficiency slots.

Twisting Surge – At level 8, a Channeller can attempt to combine an two unique spells at the same time on a single target. There is a 5% chance that both spells will fail and deal triple their combined spell level to the Channeller as damage instead (a 4th and 5th level spell would deal 4+5 x 3 = 27dmg). If the Channeller chooses two separate targets, this chance is increased to 10%.

Avatar’s Arcane Divinity – At level 10, an Avatar can actively absorb spells or spell-like effects equal to his level per day. At the end of the day, an Avatar can attempt to learn how to replicate whatever spells he has absorbed for the day. A Learn Spell check must be made at half to be successful, and the spell cannot be higher level than they can cast.

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