The customary and introductory first post…

Hello there, you big empty white wall of which I shall smash my literary musings against… Ah, better. Starting to add flavor already

It was like a surging wave had suddenly rushed across my perspective of MMO’s. This was the new dawn of a glorious age of PvP, but more graciously referred to as RvR. For months I salivated as each new piece of beta goodness was released to the frothing hoarde of hardcore Warhammer tabletop players. Voraciously devouring every blog, screenshot, and video, I poured my hopes and dreams into WAR with reckless abandon. The growing enthusiasm met with little resistance to the ongoing grind of WoW, and the short-lived burst of sputtering flames that Age of Conan spawned. Yes, this was a true game, Games Workshop had their hands not only in the pie, but elbows deep in the development, IP, and implementation. Finally, a true work of art directed by the true artist, and implemented by a bazillionaire production company. If ever there were a game that could earn my respect for its cause, WAR certainly stood up and bellowed from the depths of its lungs to ensnare my undying and well deserved attention.

Thusly so, I want to pass along the joys of WAR to those who read my work. There is so much negativity and comparison with other games out, that I feel WAR is not respected for what it is. Leading a guild on Praag, I hear the complaints all the time. We know damn well what they are, and I’ll touch on them from time to time if only to debunk the pessimist mindset that comes with it. There’s bugs and imbalance, issues abound the game on every level. It’s also got a 50,000 watt spotlight shining down upon it to exaggerate every flawed detail of this perfect storm. Look past the flaws and you’ll see the kind of game, and development staff, that will breed a new battlefield for those who would take part in it. This is RICH in content, and not just prefabricated fluff, but the kind of content that draws up ages of IP and storyline. The kind of content that is endless and eternal in its scope, embraced by millions across the world, and present in the hearts of little pewter figurines constantly waging wars across foam and paint battlefields…
WAR is everywhere

Grimnir, my token name for this blog, and Grimnir’s Grudge a calling for my work. 

I play as an Engineer on Praag under a name I’ll likely not reveal. My experiences since launch have involved losing an entire guild of work to the fall of Chaos Wastes (the server), the rebuilding on Praag, along with the loss of our first, second, and third guild leaders and their officer cores. We’ve run down IC many times, defended the gates of Reikwald even more, and have only had the responsibility of fighting for Altdorf but once. Quickly approaching 2000 tome unlocks I’ve seen much of what there is to offer in the way of content, and I’m always looking forward to more. Thanks to the Dammaz Kron, and the growing popularity of it, I’ve been able to develop true rivalries with opposing players. Even though we cannot speak, our kills and deaths speak for themselves. From the tip of my beard, I could name a dozen players that regularly meet the end of my rifle, and likewise whose blades I fall upon regularly. Among the thousands, the fact that I can pick out names and engage them as frequently excites me. 

My book is filling by the day, and this shall be my chronicles.

One thought on “The customary and introductory first post…

  1. Awesome intro post.. for a stunty 😉 hehe But its great to read a nice positive post about Warhammer, as I agree there is perhaps a little too much negativity out there for a game that, despite its flaws, is still very fun to play =)


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