Classes: The Seeker

My initial concept for the Seeker was something of a pagan-style multiple deity worshipping Cleric that couldn’t be tied down to a primary god. Giving them access to multiple domains, and even calling down blessing from gods that might not even recognize them as a worshipper to begin with. A thief of divine power as one might expect from a Cleric Rogue dual class. Of course, trying to explain it as a pagan-style anything invokes images of satanic worship, wanton sexual rituals, and other horribly inaccurate imagery that those unfamiliar with pagan worship might have had imposed on them by the more mainstream religions in our real world.

Instead the class evolved into one of flexibility in all situations. The multiple god worshipping is still a significant factor and the mechanics allows them a range of at-will domain powers that far exceed other Cleric types that receive power only from a single deity. Their affinity for magical items and being able to recharge them on the fly gives yet another facet to their flexibility, and really leaves the class wide open for interpretation. They’re not an outright offensive class, many of their strengths lie in more complex situations, but a well equipped Seeker will be able to find a way to be effective in any situation. This is a class reserved for the players who can handle finesse and creativity.

As such, it really hasn’t gotten much play in the current environment, but if I were to play my own classes, it would be my pick of choice. One of the things I truly enjoy in a good roleplaying game is the ability to take something that on paper seems to be lacking, and create a character out of it that exceeds the possibilities of the class. You can do that with any class, but the Seeker is built to take so many different situations in stride where other classes might only have violence as a reaction. Not to mention, if you need to sniff out treasure, they’re the ones that’ll make sure no stone goes unturned.

Seeker – Requisite Stats (at least 13) DEX, WIS, PER

At level 10 a Seeker becomes a Reclaimer, and gains 2 points to each of their requisite stats.

Starting Proficiencies : Item Lore, Religion, History (Ancient – Thelos)

Class Description

Seekers are a peculiar class to say the least. They combine the versatility and reserved demeanor of a rogue with the spiritual awareness of a cleric. Splash in a desire for material possessions and healthy skepticism to any particular god as well. Given the nature of deities to occasionally be aloof or even spiteful, a Seeker has learned to ask for divine blessings from many different gods, each suitable to his particular needs at the time. He will swear no permanent allegiance to any particular church or temple, but does not scorn them and will often cooperate provided it serves his needs, or is at least not contradictory. Though there is a taint of greed within a Seeker, they are always conscious of the fairness involved within a party, and avoid hoarding more than they would be able to make meaningful use of.

Seekers tend to be the first to grab for magical items out of the other classes. In combat they are well suited to use them as they tend to shy away from melee combat, and do not make for great ranged support either. At the rear ranks, Seekers will often heal and buff while keeping out of sight as best they can. If they are in possession of a magic item, say a wand of lightning perhaps, they can be relentless with it. Over time they become bonded to their magical gear, making it a part of them, and learning to return energy back into nearly any device, although at a temporary cost of their own fortitude.

In a party, a Seeker is generally compliant and friendly, often preaching on about the corruption of some church or another. Smoothly guiding the party along to quests that best suit his desire for magical trinkets. They’re symbiotic with the sorts of groups that can tackle danger head on, while they uncover the secrets and lore that make the group richer as a whole. They are grand storytellers, and great sages, learning of different places, legends, and lore allows them to build a repertoire of knowledge other classes might find excessive. Much of their training is devoted to study of the past, as such, there is always something to be said about everything.

Special Abilities

Domain Proficient – While most Clerics are only able to use a single domain power at a time, the Seeker is able to use 2 simultaneously at level 3, and 3 when hitting level 7. These domains cannot be in direct opposition to each other. Seekers are still only allowed one spontaneous domain change per day. They may have active spell lists from two different Gods at one time, provided they have a compatible alignment and the required holy symbols. They are able to switch worship (and effectively their spell lists) daily, but require an additional day of worship for each spell level of access past 1st level.

Luck of the Gods – A Seeker can call out to the many Gods and receive multiple blessings for a short amount of time. This grants a +1 bonus per level of the Seeker to their attack and ability check rolls, this lasts for 3 rounds. The Seeker can then give these blessings to party members.

Treasure Sense – At level 4, the Seeker has an innate ability to sense the direction of treasures in excess of 20gp in direct value (a scrap of paper with directions to massive amounts of treasure would not count). They are able to feel the presence of treasure within 10’ as a standard action, and determine the direction as a full round action. Magical items that have negative effects, or that counteract their positive effects may also be missed by this ability.

Spontaneous Recharge – At level 6, a Seeker gains the ability to recharge a magic item while using it. They roll d100 to determine the % amount of charge added back into the item, rounded up (single charge items require a roll of 50 or higher to be recharged). A roll of 10% or lower indicates a failure. This will temporarily reduce their CON by 4 for 10 rounds and lock the item for an hour preventing its use. This ability can be used once per day but each item can only ever be recharged in this manner once per week.

Divined Camaraderie – At level 8, a Seeker can make a Religion check to identify the patron god of any given target. Upon success, he can receive a blessing from this god causing the target, and all others that worship the god, to regard him as a friend and ally.

Reclaimer’s Relic Requisition – At level 10, a Reclaimer can undergo a ritual using only the tales of legends as a guide. During the ritual the Reclaimer will have two important visions. The first will be an aerial view of the landscape in which the relic will be found, along with the nearest settlement. The second vision will be of the Relic directly in its resting place. The Reclaimer will lose 1 point of Willpower until the envisioned relic is retrieved.

2 thoughts on “Classes: The Seeker

  1. This is the kind of class I would play as well. I love being the jack of all trades, master of none, and the religious bent gives all sorts of fun roleplaying hooks to dig in with.

    I continue to enjoy reading these posts about your world and its classes. Good stuff.

    Outside of that, one small edit I would make:

    “Of course, trying to explain it as a pagan-style anything invokes images of satanic worship, wanton sexual rituals, and other horribly inaccurate imagery that those unfamiliar with pagan worship might have had imposed on them by [snip] *unlearned evangelical Christians, mostly in the Bible Belt, who represent a small minority of one of the* mainstream religions in our real world.

    I’ve spent the entirety of my life inside that mainstream religion, across two different denominations, and I’ve never taught or been taught that pagan = sex and the devil. I know that it happens, but not nearly as much as media narrative would have us believe.


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