Chances are, if you’ve run across this blog you’re here for one of two things, either an article for Warhammer Online, or D&D.

WAR was shutdown after their license from GamesWorkshop expired at the end of 2013. You can find the Return of Reckoning here. It’s a private server with a handful of developers trying to make the emulation work properly. This project has been ongoing since 2014 and is currently in an Alpha state. I like it, play it, and support it in a couple of ways when they have a need for me. They have a strong focus on getting the core RvR system working well, and favor PvP over pretty much everything else, so if you’ve had that itch for WAR they can scratch it. Dungeons and PvE are badly broken and not on the sort list, that masochistic desire will need to be sated elsewhere (pretty much any other MMO).

D&D has been a passion of mine since the mid-90’s. I grew up on 2e AD&D, started developing my own world/campaign, and have been running it in bursts ever since. There’s a great community of DM’s and players out there who you can find links to on the sidebar that inspire me and have turned my blog into a drafting board for ideas and implementations to take up in my campaign. It’s my primary focus when I go through inspired fits of creativity, and I do my best to get out the pieces I like onto the blog.

As for myself, I’m a 30-something white guy hailing from the northern edge of Detroit. I’ve been a gamer since the NES in ’88, and started playing/running D&D somewhere in the late 90’s. I work as a well-rounded sysadmin at a fairly large IT company. I enjoy traveling. I usually do a week in Florida once a year and have made my way out to Boston, Las Vegas, and San Francisco lately. I run my D&D campaign 4 hours a week, which at this point is largely homebrew based in 2e. I’m not bad with a pool cue, usually if I’m not holed up at home I’m in one of the local bars shooting.

Feel free to bother me on Twitter @grimnir_

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