Campaign Resources

If you’re not interested in clicking through all the various pages and tags and links on my site to find the different bits of customized source material that I keep on Google Drive, look no further. As I produce more content, I’ll keep this page updated. It probably wouldn’t hurt to bookmark it either. Also, notably, there may be things I link from this page that I haven’t had an actual post on, yet.

All things here are subject to change. If a link doesn’t exist yet, it will eventually. If a link is broken somehow, please contact me. Enjoy!

Players Handbook

  • In progress – Chapter 7

Dual Classes

Single Classes

Divinely Inspired

Arcane Research

Fighting Men

Sneaky Tricks

4 thoughts on “Campaign Resources

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  2. Grim
    Read with interest your take on clerical spheres and spells. I have been looking at a similar structure.
    In your new Life Sphere you have spells such s healing blessing, whisper, Prayer, chant, Hymn, Resonance and Symphony. Would you care to share these spells?


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