D&D Projects in 2014

Well, I’ve gotten my dual classes out of the way finally. Those will inevitably receive tweaks and adjustments as players use them and either find ways to break them or complain about weaknesses. I have another 8 classes that I’m working. Two variants for each of the base classes. That will round out my total pool of available classes to 16. I expect to have those done much faster than the prior ones. There will be less details as they’re going to be using the base class more heavily than any of the dual classes.

I started one of those with my post about my Sorcerer, the other Mage class being the classic Specialist. There’s also the Cleric/Priest/Warden, Fighter/Barbarian/Duelist, and Rogue/Thief/Pathfinder. Paladin, Druid, and Ranger are not playable classes in my game. I feel they hold too specific of a role, and the quirks about them can be replicated by other classes without much hassle. The Warden could assume many of the adventuring duties a Paladin might traditionally hold. Rangers could be played by the Pathfinder class. Druids are just a nature Priest with a couple supernatural powers at higher levels.

I have a fair amount of things I want to do for internal organization as well. My gDrive is a bit cluttered with charts and rules all over the place. I want to consolidate my character building document with the classes themselves, so if you want to build a character, everything that has to do with a class would be in a single document instead of different ones for XP charts, spell progress, rogue skills, etc,. At the same time, I also need to devise a quick leveling cheat sheet for each class so players know at first glance what HD they roll for, if they gain proficiencies, new class abilities, thac0 or saving throws being applied and whatever else they get during leveling. This should make it easier to quick glance and plan out how their character will change over time.

That brings me to another 7 classes to write up and polish this year. 16 class-specific character building documents. 16 class specific quick-leveling cheat sheets. I’m also implementing a whole new rogue skill point system that expands the traditional skills from 10 to 21 across several different stats. The last thing I have planned is an update to the stat charts to allow each stat a specific saving throw bonus. STR vs Paralysis, CON vs Poison, DEX vs Breath Weapon, etc. If I still have time after all of that this year I’ll get back to refining my pantheon of deities. Depending on how the campaign itself is running we might even move onto a new geopolitical area that needs to be fleshed out.

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