Slaying a path to the top

For a Slayer to attain great renown is a failure of himself to Grimnir. For every thousand fallen Greenskins, every thousand slain Dark Elves, and every thousand followers of Chaos crushed, Grimnir sheds a tear for his lost Slayer. Casting aside your armor and finding your mighty doom is a task that many succeed in, and quickly. A Slayer who fails is already doomed, though his enemies may be so much more. So who is it that a Slayer truly serves in dying quickly against a foe too powerful to defeat? What release from their torment can be found in a quick and meaningless death? It is a tricky thing to balance to be honest, for Grimnir, the release is not in the final killing blow, but in the thousands and thousands of killing blows along the way.

 You see, Grimnir cries tears of joy. Though these dwarves may have broken whatever oath at the time, in doing so they are committed to serving for the rest of their life. Those who serve exceptionally well are not dissapointing their God by any means. It should be looked at as a punishment for their broken oaths to serve as long as it takes. The redemption comes not in the act of falling dead on the spot. Yet, to kill thousands and thousands, and be shamed further when those who bear witness sing your praises, it seems to be yet another curse on the Slayers. Perhaps this malady can be overcome by shunning those who praise you, though this may look like humility and further raise your image. Some Slayers disappear from civilization to fight alone in the wild, though this may bring harm to those left behind. Further, a Slayer could hide his identity from those around him, people being as they are would give a name to this anonymity and create something of a super-hero.

Such a damned beast the Slayer becomes. One cannot revel in victory, nor premature defeat. One cannot celebrate the wonderful bits of life all around him, for he is constantly seeking death. Those who look at a Slayer as a symbol of power, and strength, and mighty victories, are looking merely at the vessel of Grimnir, designed through flaws, deadly until death. 

 I do not celebrate my Slayer, though as a player I may gloat about him outside of WAR. On my hotbar you can find macros for Swear, Scream, Yell, Taunt, Waaagh, Shout, Intimidate, Charge, and a couple others that I cannot quite remember off the top of my head. Essentially, my fourth action bar is filled with all the lovely Emotes that bring the Slayer to life. I use them… Constantly. You won't find me on a RP server however, and I don't click my buttons for my own sake, but for Destro. It would be one thing to spam a single emote over and over in battle, to spam a dozen is a whole 'nother animal. I'll get around to FRAPS'ing it up someday to show off my style in RvR. There's nothing quite like running straight for their back line, and distracting 4 healers at a time, while their melee turns into a pool of blood without any support.

A Name for the Book of Grudges!
    Cornucopia – Magus

We met in the High Pass Cemetary, and the fool was alone, cautiously circling the Crypt. A Chosen came charging for me, and the Magus began to cast. Quickly sidestepping the oncoming ton of thick metal plates, I took a swipe at his legs to snare, and charged headfirst onto the firing Magus. Seeing his tank stumbling behind me, immediately thick black tendrils rose up to hold me in place. I stomped them back to the chaos they spawned from and dove into this poor Magus. The first few hits were brutal, as I flayed the thin armor cloak from his back, then popped my morale ability. What any good clothie should do, he tried to snare me, and gave me his back. Too late, however. His root was still on the cooldown, and my own snare came back up, we both trudged to the destro spawn point, but my axe plunged deep into his exposed flesh every step of the way. His death, granted me The Lead Lopper title, for killing 10 guildmasters. I'll not suffer a coward, and certainly, I'll target the head of any organized group as a priority in my Book of Grudges.

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