Camelot Unchained

Next up in your Tri-Realm™ RvR games is what’s basically looking like an indie developer with the finely-aged Mark Jacobs at the helm. He’s like a fine wine, or aged cheese, depending on your opinion of the guy. Is this going to be the next big hit? Probably not, and admittedly he’s not looking for that sort of AAA big-time game. I would have hoped for a Shadowbane-esque dozens-of-guilds-fighting-over-territory type of realms, but hey, three is better than two. We’re getting (back) there, slowly.

This is more for the hardcore players and to annoy the mainstream gaming audience. Setting a goal of 30k players, that’s small ball. I think he is going to find a whole lot more than that, but the Kickstarter coming in March (I’ve been refreshing the page all morning, guess I can stop now) will be a good indicator of interest. Word on the street is, because you know MJ is a street guy, they’re going to attempt 10 million dollars to get the game launched, if there’s extra left over I’m guessing they’ll mix that in with some development gravy and butter it over the top with some extra features.

How many of us were burned by the white-hot fire that was the expectations of WAR? Exactly, you can all put your hands back down. I’ll be waiting, patiently, while frothing into my towel, for updates from City-State Entertainment and whatever musings seep from the greying dome of the venerable MJ at the helm. Just like the rest of you. For probably a year at least.

Meanwhile, Abraham Lincoln axe-wielding leader of the Americas. Fuck yeah.

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