Dodging Bullets

Thank god that’s all over with. People sure get fussy about layoffs.

Jeff Hickman probably threw together this letter when he found out about EA doing what it does best, crushing hopes and dreams. As if there weren’t enough haters out there, EA opening it’s big fat dumb mouth about layoffs just got em all into a brand new fresh blood frenzy. Well relax kiddos, you can go back to your caves and continue trolling without any real justification. It ain’t gonna happen anytime soon.

Delicious quotes!

“…we will maintain the same high level of customer support you’ve come to expect and continue to improve our games with an exciting schedule of patches, live events and new content.”

“Ultima Online is the granddaddy of MMORPG’s and it’s still going strong after 12 years.”

“Dark Age of Camelot is over 8 years old and the Realm vs. Realm action keeps getting better.”

“Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning has had a solid first year despite some issues that we’re working to address every day. We’ve seen a great response to 1.3.2, which introduced tremendous performance improvements. A flood of new players are discovering the game every day thanks to the recently released Endless Trial and New User Journey. Moving forward we remain committed to releasing more great patches, continued performance improvements, and changes based upon your valuable feedback!”

Okay, so really that’s the meat of the letter. Jeff says everyone continues to get patches, content, and support.

Does anything else really need to be said?

3 thoughts on “Dodging Bullets

  1. Unfortunately that letter from Jeff is a padding letter. It says nothing that I couldn't have got from a standard PR letter.It's time to lay their cards on the table and give us the development schedule, taking into account the new staffing levels.


  2. I agree with Skar … reads like the typical PR release to paint a pretty picture of what went down.That's not to say I don't believe some of what's been said.We'll have to wait and see how this pans out.


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