Compiling My Cleric Domains

This post in particular has been getting quite a bit of traction over the past couple of years, I’ll make it easy on anyone finding their way here from Google. With reservations of course, these domains are not straight rips from the sourcebooks. I’ve re-compiled a few domains into more appropriate ones so creating a divine caster with a weak set of spells is less likely.

Priest Spells sorted by Domain

Domain Chart – with Deities and minor powers

Folder of competed spells lists of several deities

Sometimes work rears it’s ugly head and absorbs all of the creativity out of me, sometimes there’s just other games I’d rather be playing. Most recently, the campaign has hit a rut. Players have dropped from the game citing work/college issues which means either attempting to recruit brand new, restart the campaign, or wait it out.

I’m a little tired of waiting to be quite honest. My mistake of course was picking up two guys that both work at the same place. When they get busy, chances are both of them have issues at the same time. Two other guys are both in college, and mid-term labs and tests all ran across a couple weeks which made things difficult to get rolling. The most recent being one of my players in the Navy Reserve. His weekend ended up being 4 straight days of intense drills and he slept straight through til Tuesday, missing game and everything.

Two of my guys have been solid since the get-go, and even they are getting annoyed that we haven’t had a solid group. These things are to be expected I guess. Life is challenging, D&D night with the guys is just not that important in the long run. We still hang out, but it’s usually playing M:tG or Munchkin, drinking and bullshitting, sans dice. It makes me sad a little. I have creative things! So many things!

We did pick up a guy however, and he wanted to roll with a Templar, which is cool. However it brought up the issue that I’ve had for a long time regarding Clerics. I’ve always wanted a more solid role for Clerics in my game as far as deities and domain spells go. Not that there’s anything particularly wrong with a plain Cleric, but it doesn’t rub me the right way. With all my free time lately I’ve been compiling domains of spells and organizing which domains certain gods would control.

The concept so far is each deity would control 4, 3, or 2 domains, and the list of spells from those would be all any Cleric type could select from for that deity. The problem is, and go ahead and feel free to check on this, most domain lists for spells have a single spell per level up to 9.

That’s not really gonna fly.

First off, I run 2e, which means max spell level for a Cleric is 7. The balance of d20 systems onwards stretches the balance for spell levels out an additional 2. Second, there’s WAY more spells in a domain than 9. I want a source that lists all of the spells in a domain/sphere, not just the suggested ones for each level. That’s annoying.

Now at work, I can’t really bust open a D&D PDF to copy over lists of spells, they’d get on me about that. However, I can google-fu all day long, and even that with a pile of anti-d20 filters, still returns page after page of 1-spell-per-level lists of these domains. What gives? I’m just about to the end of all of it, which means I can start compiling the full lists of spells directly to the deities, but god damn, has this never been done before or something?

So yeah, all that is coming. I suppose I’ll do a couple more of the dual classes that I had intended to finish out. I’m even working in kits for an additional 8 base classes in my game as well. More campaign specific takes on the base four classes ala Barbarian, Duelist, Thief, Assassin, Priest, Warden, Sorcerer, and Specialist Mage.

One of the guys I game with asked me about the stuff I have drawn up for the campaign, I linked him what I make available to my players which he was rather impressed with. Almost every aspect of the game that I commonly need to explain, or I feel doesn’t quite fit has been rewritten. There’s a lot more than just this blog going on, but I’ll keep poking it to keep any of you loyal followers updated.


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