Father Nurgle: Way Better Than Tzeentch

Seriously, what does Tzeentch have that Nurgle can’t corrupt and take as his own? You don’t mess with big daddy. Not if you want your sense of smell to work properly. Does Tzeentch have any Elven gods locked up his realm suffering the eternal torture of endless plagues, poxes, and diseases?

No, no he doesn’t. Because Tzeentch is a pussy. Well, not as much of a pussy as Slaanesh, but still.

Raven Host! Unchain your alliance to the Lord of Change and revel in the mortality Father Nurgle holds in his grasp. I give you the NEW classes of the realm of Chaos!

Your new Warlord, a Demon Prince of Nurgle!

Zealots of Nurgle, spreaders of disease and infectors of flesh!

Marauders of Nurgle, retribution for all you left-handed sympathizers out there!

The Chosen of Nurgle, no finer warrior than one filled to the brim with maggots and worms and then stuffed into a suit of plate!

Finally, the Magus of Nurgle, no longer do you have to suffer that ridiculous disk of Tzeentch!

7 thoughts on “Father Nurgle: Way Better Than Tzeentch

  1. And yet, that comment is appropriate for this post somehow. lolFYI, I found all this on Mythic’s Fileburst site, so you know they were at least thinking about it. Hehe…


  2. Mmm Nurgle, but what would Order get that could compete with the petulance of such an army? I do agree though, would have been nice to see some Nurgle in there. Adds a little more spice than the typical “Look at me I am in a black suit of armor” evil-doers. Solid post. Devs better take it and run. I’d resub. And isn’t my money worth it to them? Seriously.


  3. Mythic should make Chaos Undivided with each class dedicated to specific god (My choices are: Zealot of Slaanesh, Chosen of Khorne, Marauder of Nurgle and *ehm* Magus of Tzeentch which is there lol).


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