It’s that day that I generally forgo a normal blog post and give some props out to a pair of posts in the blogging community. I mean, it’s been a week right? I’ve got to have at least two blog posts that I’ve read which have blown my mind at least a little bit. This thing is fragile, old, and prone to acts of violence. I’m quite susceptible to inspired fits of furious fingering on the keyboard. Also, it’s a nice reprieve from what seems to be a permanently painful Monday work schedule that may or may not have me up until the wee hours listening to the squeals of irate clients and their broken computer issues. I also play D&D on Monday nights, which absorbs much of my blog preparation time.

Without further interruption from your blogger extraordinaire, I give you my two picks for the week. It’s Two-On-Tuesday.


Ah, a blog title after my own heart, or loins. Something is throbbing when tl-dr is posting. It’s been quiet since the new year, but maybe the winter months have waned enough to bring these folks out of hibernation. Quality ramblings here from educated minds, that’s just the way I like it. Also, maybe you didn’t realize this but…

Perhaps it’s my inner-narcissist (controlling my every thought and whim, or so he believes), but mentioning me in a blog post is sure to increase your chances of winding up here. Blessing or a curse that may be has yet to be determined. More onto the point, @linkskywalker is an excellent sort of sir that not only politely rebuked an opinion of mine, but also made a compelling defense for crafting in D&D tabletop in a much longer form blog post. I am a frequent reader of his work, the new look at older Gary Gygax material in particular strikes my fancy. But go now, and gaze upon a gentlemans retort.

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