A Weekend In Eden Eternal

Just a quick post here.

Over the weekend I played about 20 hours of Eden Eternal. It is really not my cup of tea… normally. I mean, I’ve played bad games before, and I don’t play them for 20 hours at a time. This was practically all in one sitting and was mostly kicked off because I had a 7 hour maintenance window at work that I had to sit on a conference call through, just never switched games.

It’s a Korean MMO, chibi style, happy looking, F2P, grindy sort of game. It hooked me. Maybe it was that the frog person engineer basically turns into a Battletoad. I’m pretty sure there’s a throng of Korean devs out there locked in a basement/complex somewhere grinding these games out for pennies an hour, while they sell ridiculously priced items in the cash shops to fund them. I’m seriously torn between tearing down this game bit by bit and lighting it on fire, but it does a lot of things right that I can only attribute to fast and furious iteration of MMO development that only a Korean MMO farm can make. Seriously, Aeria has like 20 MMO’s. They’re either doing something right, or they’re throwing shit against the wall to see what sticks. Throw enough shit, collect the sticky stuff, then release that? Seems like it’s working.

I’ll let you google around for the link to the game, I’m not sure if I really want to endorse it yet, and it’s D&D night for me which means I have other things to prep for. Tomorrow though, a pair of blogs, then on Wednesday another class. The Arcanite, the powerhouse magic blasting arcane energy fighter gets a spot on my front page. It’s a fun class to play. Then later in the week, I’m not sure yet. Maybe something about Season 3 in League of Legends if I finish my 10 placement matches any time soon. Oh yeah, ranked PvP. I’m doing that thing.

Check out www.twitch.tv/kayin_zel , usually he will be the one streaming matches when we play. Duo queue.

That’s all for now. I’m out. Gotta go kill me some players, they’ve been asking for it.

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