Guilds in WvW

Most of my weekend was spent in a hot little room in the middle of apple-pie-America-ville Ohio (that shit was twilight zone white-america creepy) playing Guild Wars and being ridiculously drunk or hung over, and occasionally both. Now I’ve got a lot of practice with keeping my wits about me when mercilessly hammering away at my kidneys, so I managed to save a few memories in a box over here. Hold on, I’ll get my keys.

Siege Debuff Makes For Bad WvW 

Zerg or be zerged. There is no short game when it comes to open battlefields. My server was one of the unfortunate ones to be hit with the siege deployment blocked debuff as we watched the entire set of battlegrounds turn to a single color. It is really damn hard to take down a gate without any siege items. More so when the enemy flocks their entire server to roll over any points of conflict on their map. We could take supply depots all day long, but the keeps were untouchable once someone got inside. It was fixed the next day, but the damage for the weekend was done. You just can’t fight your way back from total domination. No amount of buffs can restore actual real-world morale.

We actually transferred servers to attempt to find a better one for the fighting, somewhere perhaps that was unaffected by the siege bug. We had another few hours of WvW this way, but in the end it was just a slow and painful beating. Without the ability to place siege, the small group warfare ops that I very much enjoy running are pretty much useless. Ganking stragglers was our only real recourse as knocking over supply depots didn’t do anything as siege was useless anyway. Also, with the zerg on zerg warfare on the front lines, stragglers were few and far between. The 5 guys I was running with would have made a difference as additional bodies instead of back capping, but that’s just not how we roll.

I’ve sort of been wracking my brain as to what this siege deployment debuff would be used for in the live game. I haven’t read much more about it other than the fact it was a mistake and shouldn’t have been active during the BWE. It’s not like there was a timer on it ticking down either, so it couldn’t just be some sort of death penalty. If anything, I would hope that it would be applied to the winners on the server once they capture all of the main keeps on a map, allowing them to defend, but not assault the side camps when they’re taken back by defending teams. One spot claimed that it was to prevent people from setting up siege equipment inside your base and on restricted terrain like cliffs, but it wasn’t getting cleared properly. That makes sense as well.

I think the most successful guilds in WvW are the ones who will be able to front a 24/7 war effort. It means the need to recruit not only on the east and west coast of the US, but also recruiting from the EU and AUS populations as well, which might be a bit rougher as EU has their own server sets, and who really wants to play through that kind of latency? (Go ahead and contact me if you do ;D). This is the sort of thing we did in Shadowbane, although the battlefields were a fair bit less chaotic. Objectives were only attackable during prime hours, and keep defenses were planned three days in advance with the defenders choosing one of three proposed windows of attack. We, as a hardcore PvP society, were quite a bit more dedicated back in the good ol’ days and had no problem waking up for those 5am city defenses.

Of course, this all depends on how seriously people take the server they’re on (Which hopefully these restrictive transfer policies will reinforce) and how important having an organized guild is. For us and the goals we aim to accomplish, only 5-10 need to be in WvW at any given time, because that’s about how many it takes to roll over a supply depot and set up a treb or a couple catapults to blast through back doors while fighting off any small skirmish action. The adjustment we need to make is that this fight is something that last through a play session. Claiming a keep is one thing, but having it there in the morning is something else entirely, let alone keeping the thing funded and upgraded.

Since the weekend ended I’ve had a bit of time considering what I want to do in GW2, the multiple guild system is nice, but really all the PvE is going to be supplementing the guild efforts we make in WvW. I don’t expect to be a huge player as far as making deep and meaningful impacts, but I sure do intend to fuck up someones day with backcapping and harassment. We’re working on a guild name and tag that will properly reflect that attitude in WvW.

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