Rift: Storm Legion Expansion Announced!

I thought maybe there was a bit of exaggeration going on with the last update on Rift. The guy who had received a box full of punny trinkets inferred them as a full on raging expansion for the game. A full 10 new levels, new zones, new raids. I mean really, I generally keep my sights set pretty low when it comes to the MMO landscape. There’s just too much to be disappointed by on a day-to-day basis (Bioware, 38 Studios most recently). Guild Wars 2 is my bright shining light on the horizon, at least as far as world PvP is concerned.

The expansion rumors spawned from that little box of trinkets actually did the announcement today little justice. Crucia, Dragon Goddess of the Air Plane (or something), is coming with an army to wreck the world. A world which is apparently at least three times larger than we know it now. This was a bit unexpected considering Maelforge (Fire) and Laethys (Earth) are sharing a raid, for Crucia to be the bringing of two new continents. The boobie plates, oh man, and that VOICE. I took off my pants, there was no avoiding it (TMI…).

Go now, to Gamespot‘s preview.

Go now, to Rift: Storm Legion‘s offical announcement page.

Breathe it in, breathe deep. Watch that video with your eyes wide open. This is the expansion that no other game in recent history has had a chance to make. Trion is knocking on that door of legendary MMO status, and if they pull this off, bring back the throngs of the MMO tourists for another round, they might even start knocking on the big gorilla of the MMO industry as well.

If this pain in my leg wasn’t so pronounced, I’d be pinching myself right now.

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