Two Full Years of WAR

Dear Mythic,

As a launch subscriber who hasn’t missed a beat or had a lapse in subscription, I know that our two year reward is quickly approaching. I also know that you’ve probably already selected our rewards and have them ready to be shipped to our homes. While I would appreciate a fully functioning Space Marine suit of armor, I just don’t have that kind of room in my home. Instead, I would like to see the Writ system be expanded and reused for our veteran reward status.

Currently, the only players with Writs are the ones that were affected by the billing issues earlier this year. Yay for us, but really I think it was a poor choice. Instead just give those players the Griffon/Manticore and be done with it, also remove it from the choice of items from Writs and it becomes an exclusive mount that makes all those people that need to feel special, well, special.

Instead, I would like to see our Heavy armor mounts introduced with the writ system in mind. Oh, and you might as well throw in the past Live Event rewards as part of the writ system as well. Do you have any idea how hard I kick myself when someone links the Gem of Fell Whispers? Oh, and you can do more pets as well. You know what, I’ve been digging through the past newsletters and I found some pretty cool examples of stuff. Throw all of that shit in there too. Oh, and where are we gonna get a mercenary system? This game would go by so much quicker if I could hire out NPC mercs to follow me around and help kill shit. Excluding RvR areas I SUPPOSE, although it’d be fun to have them level up with you. Enclosed within this post are a handful of pictures that I’ve been saving as ammunition to support my crazyness. Slimehounds, Firewyrms of Tzeentch (smaller ones), and Horrors should all be added to the pet list ASAP.


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