Double Tap

Just because I’ve been gone for a while doesn’t mean a thing! There’s still been WAR bloggers tearing up the warpath day and night.


A Little Git’s Tale is a Swedish WAR Blog that I’ve just run across recently. Seems to have a taste for videos, and that’s just fine by me. He can pick some winners. He’s not the most frequent poster, but if you’ve been able to put up with my random bouts of inactivity, he’ll do just fine. Go ahead and check it out!

Hypothetical WAR has some extremely detailed write-ups on the what-if’s about WAR. What if we had a Lizardman Realm? What if we had a Tier 5? Skaven? Bretonnians? Beastmen? Trust me folks, you’re not going to want to miss this site by any means. There’s practically a book written here on what every conceivable faction would entail in the realm of WAR. 

One thought on “Double Tap

  1. You got it almost right, I don’t “pick movies” 😛 I make ’em myself 😉 I used to write articles but nowadays I only post the videos i make, that’s why I’m not a frequent poster, since it takes a while to produce them 🙂 Cheers for the link though ^^


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