Gonna Need A Change of Pants

Well goddamn, I think they’re catching on.

Kudos to Keaven Freeman for developing something epic. Oh, and by epic I really mean EPIC. For the past year the thought of a “RvR endgame” made me a little tight in the pants. Sure, we never really had one beyond the first stage, but they tried to make it work by letting defenders hang around in the second and third stage. Now, with 1.3.5 imminent, the City Testing going on later tonight, the write-up from Keaven and the sit-down conversations had between some of my blogger bretheren and Mythic directly, well… I’ve gone from tight in the pants, to downright soaked.

Of course, the Hotfix today is doing nothing to add any dryness. What? A system that addresses the fact that I can go into an empty scenario that has been running for a solid 5 minutes at least once a night? So scenarios might not pop as hard, but that’s not a big deal to me. I can hardly move 30′ in between pops anyway. Space it out 3-5 minutes, I won’t cry about it. If it means less chance of getting 3m scenarios to pop, then it smells like awesome to me.

One more thing, that apology letter from The Hickman ™, I’ll be getting me some of them niceties. I wonder though, will this apply to new characters made afterwards? Like how many of the code rewards work for buying random Games Workshop stuff? Otherwise, I’ll be filling up my character slots on all the servers to maximize my lootage. Side note : I did eventually get my money back from that little fiasco.

Really though, maybe I’m a little over-excited about some of the moves Mythic has been making lately. It just reeks of competence, which leading into the summer months makes me a not-sad panda. The past handful of patches have been something akin to pushing a boulder uphill shortly after having both your arms gnawed off by badgers. If you haven’t yet, I’d suggest you go back and take a look at the1.3.0-1.3.4 timeline here. The game was BROKEN. Like really badly broken. The amount of fixes and changes over the past 9 months is staggering! 

2010 so far has been a fairly solid year. The amount of Hotfixes has dropped dramatically, and the bugs are on the verge of extinction. I still occasionally get stuck on things, but not like back in the day where you could die from “falling” off a bush. I also continue to have a handful of instances where I’ll crash straight to the desktop, mostly in Altdorf, but rarely anywhere else. Hopefully with the new city changes that’ll stop happening. It’s rare for me to last a full hour in the city because of it.

There is one thing that has been bugging me, why the hell did we have Black Fire Basin again? It’s been a month and already we had a repeat Weekend Warfront? Where have the changes to scenario mechanics gone? There’s things that I expected to happen when you took away 60% of our scenarios. First, that we have a different one every weekend on a 3 month-ish cycle. Second, that the scenarios that fail to entertain would have their objectives tweaked. Third, why are the rewards still garbage? You guys could do so much better than that. Give out Dark dyes, or temporary pets, or trophies, or any other handful of cool stuff. Healing potions? Really? The Tentacle Pies from Twisting Tower was a better reward (Since I have hundreds of them). You said this was going to be awesome, it’s not. But IT COULD BE. Fix it. Fix it. Fix it. /glare

Ah, one last thing before I vanish into the night (or midday, whatever). Addon Videos. I have a fair amount of addons to cover still, but I’m at a rut for how to present them. The previous ones I could sort of theme together and explain while running along, these however are being a tad more difficult. That being said, I’d rather just leave it to you guys. 

What addons should I cover in video #7?

With that, I believe I’m caught up on current events, and I shall take my leave. Cheers!

3 thoughts on “Gonna Need A Change of Pants

  1. The changes sound fucking awesome. One year later, it’s finally starting to sound like they are getting the idea of what is actually happening in their own game (e.g. Realm Avoidance). I hope they succeed in implementing their design.


  2. Had the game we are about to get now launched back in September 2008 … things would be so much different and for the better. I’m not saying WAR would have WOW-like subscriptions but we’d enjoy a much larger playerbase and probably would’ve heard about an expansion by now. I don’t know if the Koreans realize how lucky they are. Korea has nearly 50m people … of those probably 49m play games. Joking aside, we know they are bigtime gamers and if Mythic made WAR grindy enough for them there could be a bigtime tick in subscriptions. I was bummed at the repeat weekend warfront as well. Gaar made a good point that it’s plausible they rolled out Black Fire again with the “kill” tasks so players could take advantage of the 100% renown boost. I was making anywhere from 7-12k a scenario and I’m RR72. I haven’t seen those kinds of renown numbers in a long time. I like your WW reward ideas a whole lot better than what we get now. With bank storage being expanded there will be plenty of room for vanity and pocket items. Many MMOers eat that stuff up. Me included.


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