Twinking: Grabbing Your Emotions By The Balls Since 1990

This post brought to you by Elmenstor of Gorfang

Oh man, I just got a brilliant idea!
If new players want to avoid twinks, why don’t they just pay for the game and hit level 12? BAM! No more twinks bothering them, and they get a metric waffle-load of more content.
I am a genius. Clearly, I should be president.
Fact o’ the matter is, Mythic is a business, and businesses have no reason to listen to people who don’t want their product. See, the inherent logic of people complaining about “twinks” is flawed:
1.) “I want to play WAR”
2.) You go get the free trial.
3.) “This game seems like a lot of fun!”
4.) “Oh wait, I keep getting killed by people who are stuck at level 10 because they don’t pay for the game.”
Then there are three possibilities:
5a.) You like the game, and because you’re not an idiot, you understand that twinks can’t follow you once you hit level 12. So you buy it, and enjoy the rest of the game.
5b.) You don’t like the game enogh to pay for it, but you don’t mind the free trial. Nobody has any reason to care what you think about the trial, because it’s clear that you wont buy the game.
5c.) You refuse to buy the game because twinks just make you so angry. Nobody has any reason to care what yo think about the trial, because it’s clear that you don’t understand that there’s more to the game than level 10.
Clearly, if you fall into categories 5b or 5c, you aren’t going to buy the game no matter what, and catering to you is a catch-22. If Mythic caters to your whining and somehow eliminates twinks, then all they are really doing is eliminating a reason for you to actually pay for the game. Ergo, if you are playing the trial and complaining about twinks, and still haven’t paid for the game, then you aren’t going to pay for the game, and you should really stop wasting everyone’s time by pretending that you are.
And if you do pay for the game, and just make endless-trial accounts because you “like Tier 1,” then there’s especially no reson for anybody to care what you think, because Mythic is already getting your money. If you cancel your subscription to only play endless-trial, re-read this post from the beginning.
You cannot say that more people would be encouraged to pay for WAR if there were no twinks, because there would be no more twinks anyways if they paid.
If you don’t pay for the game, there’s no reason for anybody to care what you think. If you do pay for the game, you will notice that all of your complaints about twinks are already fixed.

3 thoughts on “Twinking: Grabbing Your Emotions By The Balls Since 1990

  1. The worst part of this argument is … YOU can twink too….If this was something only a few privileged could do (like say, buy a “sparkle pony”), then I could see the argument having merit. It doesn’t though, because anyone can easily twink themselves, thus just get twinked already and quit griping every time you die ya noob!!I solved my twink issue…I have 2 higher levels, because I PAID for the game, and just started a new character = instant twink…I LOVE it.


  2. I don’t consider it a twink when you have the same ability to get the same gear.I remember in EQ where a Twink was really a Twink. It was the days before BOE, BOP, and you could have your level 1 wearing all the best gear, and weapons of a level 60. Now that would be unfair twinking, but to call it twinking these days is just plain stupid.


  3. Blunt and to the point. Those who are in the free trial can twink to their heart’s content, too. Complaining is a favorite past time for many.


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