Twisted Panties

Twisting Tower would be a great scenario if it weren’t for all the people on my team…

also spent most of my time collecting Tentacle Pies since my team was interested mostly in the shiny barriers around the Oculous where all the brain dead mouth breathers like to hang out. The ONLY time I’ve won this scenario is when running a premade with alliance members on vent that don’t have problems with comprehension. Aside from that, this is the least favorable scenario to try and pug around in. Keep your pugs in Caledor Woods. Let the big boys attempt the complicated shit.

Oh, and there was also no new mechanic to dumb it down. Sorry if I got anyones hopes up.


4 thoughts on “Twisted Panties

  1. I agree, the scenario is an ode to headless chickens. I disagree. Those pingbacks are useful. I actually need to decide what type of lingerie I should buy for my wedding night.


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