What I’ve got in my box.

http://grimnir.mmofansites.com/pages/characters or see the link on the main bar.

I took some time today to go ahead and link up all 8 of my T4 toons. Well, not only that, but also run them through the GamerDNA signature generator, and write up a short reflection on each class. There’s nothing really must-see about the page, but if you’re the stalker-type I’m sure you’ll appreciate my transparency. Also, this isn’t all of my toons by any means. On Badlands and Iron Rock all my character slots are filled. I’m currently working on a Bright Wizard, White Lion, Marauder, Witch Elf, and a Zealot. Rather sporadically, but on a slow eventual path.

So I hear we might get Twisting Tower (with a different mechanic) this weekend. Mmm… Pie…

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