4 thoughts on “Addon Video #6

  1. Thanks for the vid..but I still don’t like addons like NerfedButtons, Twister, Calling etc.. too much automation of stuff you should have to think of.It’s ok to highlight stuff or rearrange it so that it feels butter. It’s even ok to script stuff that doesn’t affect others. But taking actual decisions from you when engaging other players is just near that region were I would call it a cheat (no matter what the API supports).


  2. I tried using this for a while. When I figured it out, it wasn’t too bad or inconvenient to use; it’s just not for me. This could be said about a lot of add-ons though.


  3. Great tutorial. I really think that if an addon is available for everyone’s use (or anyone can create it) then we should feel free to take advantage of it. It’s not illegal. If you don’t like it, don’t use it. Meanwhile all of your enemies are going to use it. Just like Autofocus, if it gives you an advantage, people will do it.


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