Far too much DAO

I’ve seriously been neglecting my WAR time.

Pretty sure I’m almost done with it though, I’ve reunited 3/4 of the armies, and I’m in the Deep Roads working on Orzammar at the moment. Only thing left to do is return to Ferelden proper, have some sort of conflict there, and then drive into the heart of the Darkspawn.

If there’s another 40 hours of gameplay after uniting the armies though… hoo boy. I might be doing this for another week. I’ve seen some characters at lv21 on the game forums where my squad is 13-14ish.

On a side note, R10 Witch Elves in T1 are just nasty bitches. That was fun for a good three hours of painful delight. After playing DAO though, I think WAR needs an “Excessive Blood Splattering” option that I can turn on. Nothing quite says “I just killed two dozen people” like a cut scene where every person in your squad is covered from head to toe in blood.

I do like that your Dog will lick all the blood off your armor. That amuses me.

Oh, and Shale, the rock golem. When you leave the town you find him in, he stomps on a chicken. Then he shrugs. No questions are asked.

Tonight! There shall be WAR! 
Badlands – T4 – Slayer!

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