Dabbling in the Endless Trial

I think people could easily muck about in T1 for three months.

So it takes about 2-3 game sessions to hit the R10 cap in pretty much any given class. Scenarios are non-stop at any given time of the day, PQ’s are lit up like christmas trees across the map, and warbands roam the beaches of Nordland in waves of blood. I figure three months would be about the length of time that one could level up 10 different classes on each side to the cap and get a feel for them. So far I’ve got 4 finished out, and working on a fifth.

Normally, I’d be more than happy to bounce around in T4 with my Slayer or Engi, but some guildies that are returning to the game hit up the trial first to see if the performance enhancing drugs from 1.3.2 had kicked in yet. They’re far from disappointed. However, reluctant to sub to the full game they’re hanging out in T1 for the time being. It’s a nice break from the constant full scale war of T4, and when they get online for the night I usually kick out 2-3 hours with em. So far I’ve got a Marauder, Chosen, Choppa, Squig Herder, and Witch Elf rolling around. It’s safe to say I prefer the deeps.

I might even be switching over to Iron Rock Destro when these guys finally re-sub to the game, at least part time. The Witch Elf is the first stealth class I’ve touched since… ah… I guess ever. I had an Assassin in Shadowbane, and a Rogue in WoW, but neither of them really felt like their stealth was really useful. The Witch Elf is just something else. You’re pretty much guaranteed a kill when you mosey into the backlines and pick yourself out a nice juicy Bright Wizard for the devouring. It’s so damn satisfying, even though I’m usually slapped to the ground immediately afterwards.

It’ll only be a part time deal I’d imagine. Most of the guys already have fully ranked and geared Order toons on Badlands, and when we get together it’s a flurry of steamrolling, blood spilling, utter madness. I think the rekindled interest mostly stems from our very first server on Chaos Wastes where we all met up in the first place. Playing Destruction at the time, we formed the largest guild on the server (Chaos Wastes) as Dogs of War. Now that I look back on it, we were kinda scary. We played the oRvR/RP server, and when the guild was online, we all rolled around in a huge 2-3 warband deep mass of bodies. Didn’t matter what your level was, if the guild was running in T2, everyone came to T2. If we were rolling around in T3, you could find at least a group of players ten levels lower. Crazy times.

Maybe it’s rediscovering all the nostalgic moments throughout the game, or just wanting to get into our enemies heads. Destruction was our first choice when the game released, it’s how we all met and formed deep gamerships (gamer relationships? like a bromance? lol). Normally in games, I’m a faction purist. One side or the other, no looking back. However WAR has so much to offer in their non-mirrored mirror classes it justifies things a little. Sure a Borc is equivalent to a Swordmaster, but they’re so different at the same time. 24 classes in the game make for an incredibly diverse environment, and playing for one team the whole time means your missing out on easily half of the game.

Much as I prefer a one-sided approach to my gaming, WAR has too much to offer. It won’t be a perfect split, but playing Destro may take up about 25% of my time in WAR. Should be interesting. =D

5 thoughts on “Dabbling in the Endless Trial

  1. I really wonder if the endless trial is going to work? I think once players hit t2, and its dead they will be really disappointed. Of course they can stay in t1 forever, but what good is that going to do the game?I am done leveling up another toon on a high population server. I already have 2 bw's that are rr65+, and a fresh SH that is RR40. I love the SH more than my BW's, but the thought of regrinding gear makes me keep playing my BW's instead.It just seems that people that are coming back to the game only stay for a month after they realize the population is dead compared to the great memories they had of the game. I am really hoping for a server merger, but with DC being an ORvr server it probably will never happen. It is pretty sad since the whole ruleset in Orvr is so miniscule it really doesn't make a difference, and it feels identical to a regular server except you don't turn into a chicken in a tier one below you.I keep hoping that this game goes back to all its glory, but I am not sure what needs to happen to make it a reality.


  2. Actually from what I've been hearing the RvR isn't too bad in T2 as long as you're on during primetime. T3 is where it's really suffering, but then at least you can hope for Land of the Dead and grind out a decent level for T4.I'm not sure if or what Mythic has in mind for the middle tiers RvR. Things aren't excellent at the moment, but at least the grind is significantly less than pretty much any other game out there. Compare it to a handful of other MMO's when it comes to leveling and none of them are even close. While I loved me some good ol' T3 back in the day, catching a warband rolling around is like pulling teeth unless you're on a oRvR server.


  3. T2 is not dead at all. All those people in T1 who have the trial and level up, well there is a good chance that they get hooked and want more. T2 comes in for them at this point and they get to take keeps. For me, this is what hooked me. This endless trial business can only be a good thing for WAR because its going to eventually get the population up.


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