Melee Runepriest in the Endless Trial

Okay, I’ve been spending far too much time killing in T1, and (although not as much) farming for gear in T1. However, it’s not without fruition. I’ve been playing my melee Runepriest in the Badlands T1 trial…

Yeah. Like, up in your face, beating you with a stick kind of melee.

That being said, and shown, I’m working on a Tier 1 Endless Trial Twink Guide. A lot of things are fairly easy to figure out, but with so many people out there having no idea what they’re doing wrong, it should help. Keep an eye out for it in the coming days. I’ll be building as contextually as possible for a new player coming to the Trial and having absolutely nothing in their pockets. Things to do, things not to miss, where to go, and how to kick ass in every fathomable way. It should be a fun one to break my drought of posting…


5 thoughts on “Melee Runepriest in the Endless Trial

  1. Bah! Runepriests were never meant to be healers anyway! Granted, not really melee fighters so much, but better than spreading around the Dwarven Runes on a bunch o' stinkin humies and elves!


  2. Are you really talking melee or are you slinging abilities from a distance? I know very little about the RP so you must school me.


  3. Oh no, I'm right up there with the tanks. PBAoE's in T1 are teh angry. Always in the front lines I am. If I hang out in the back I'm wasting half my offensive capabilities.


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