1.3.4 The Patch Scenarios |almost| Died

edit – Looks like Mythic may be shelving this idea and brainstorming for something new…

 So let’s put things in perspective. For the next step in Mythics grand plans for Warhammer Online, they’re “restructuring” scenarios. Take a peek!

 Scenarios Removed Scenarios Leftover (Available starting at each tier)

Black Fire Basin Nordenwatch – T1
Blood of the Black Cairn Gates of Ekrund – T1
Caledor Woods Mourkain Temple – T2
Doomfist Crater Phoenix Gate – T3
Dragon’s Bane Highpass Cemetary – T3
Gromril Crossing Battle for Praag – T4
Grovod Caverns
Howling Gorge
Khaine’s Embrace
Logrin’s Forge
Lost Temple of Isha
Maw of Madness
Reikland Hills
Serpent’s Passage
Stonetroll Crossing
Talabec Dam
Thunder Valley
Tor Anroc

Yeah, this is gonna go over well… First off, the 5/6 of the scenarios left are the ones that we recently did Weekend Live Events over the past couple of months. If the metrics they used to figure out what scenarios are the “most popular” didn’t take this into account it kinda makes sense why they were picked.

However, on a more important note, WHAT THE FUCK!? Cutting 75% of the scenarios from the game is what we were teased about when they said a “few” of the less played scenarios were going away? Can someone buy these guys a clue? Seriously! I’ve never been more disgusted with a move an MMO has made since the NGE from Star Wars Galaxies. Are developers TRYING to kill the game so they can get a job working on something else? VARIETY IS SPICY. The biggest thing I promote about WAR when getting people to take a look at it is the VAST amount of scenarios they have a chance to play. 24 is a LOT compared to any other MMO out there. Why are we throwing away this unique aspect of the game?

I think, at most, we could have done away with 6 scenarios total, but not entirely removed! REPLACE them with other scenarios you guys have stashed in your secret squirrel lockbox. I’m not entirely concerned which 6 would be cut and replaced, something Mythic could have made an in-game poll about I suppose (NO WAY! ASKING PLAYERS DIRECTLY FOR INPUT??). I cannot stress how far away I feel Mythic has their finger from the pulse of the game as it stands. Instead of feeling for a heartbeat, it seems more like they’re feeling for bowel movements, and this one might blow open pretty hard. Keep an eye on the forums. Players DO NOT WANT THIS.

 Roadkillz – Gorfang “Serpants passage/ Dragons Bane/ Logrins forge/ Howling gorge/ Caledor woods are great t4 sc’s taking these out are a huge mistake”
 Jund1 – Phoenix Throne “Am I the only one upset that they are getting rid of both Caledor woods and Howling Gorge scens?”
 Seytor – Gorfang “Removing Caledor Woods, Howling Gorge, Serpents Passage, Grovod Caverns… Never has your finger been so far from the pulse Mythic”
 Nebuchadnezzar – Badlands “I don’t know who thought it would be a good idea to wipe out the majority of this game’s scenarios but it wasn’t…I’m sure that everybody is going to be thrilled to play through the same two SCs(Nordenwatch + Gates) for the entire game.”
 FriarKhan – Gorfang “this decision just seems horrible. Players that are levelling get repetitive scen, and vets get repetitive scen.”
 Kervo – Volkmar “taking content away from the game, with a dogwaffle promise of “event play” without any mention of new content when the rumors are the game is in maintenance mode must be a PR nightmare.”
 Torre – Badlands “Sorry Andy, but who said they wanted to get rid of Serpent’s Passage? Perhaps a few didn’t like it, but there’s no way it was a player “majority”.”
 Greysyn – Badlands “I agree 100% with Inda. Who in the world wanted Serpents taken out? I haven’t talked to anybody that thought Serpents being removed was a good idea.”
 Laurreth – Gorfang “How can one be constructive about this joke of a patch beyond saying “don’t have this patch”? You remove content (like, most good T4 scenarios)…”
 Lantharius – Badlands “Keep the old tier 4 sc minus Logrin’s Forge, Maw of Madness, and Grovod Caverns.   Add Nordenwatch, Phoenix Gate, and High Pass Cemetry.  We keep the good tier four sc and we add some flavor from earlier tiers.  A rotation system could work as well.”
 Majorin – Gorfang “the changes to SC make absolutely no sense period. I mean the complaints related to SC [are] related to pre-mades vs. single quers”
 Loldpshealing – Iron Rock “Put in new weapons and please, leave in the scenarios we love.”
 Stravok – Badlands “if that list is the actual *new* scenario list for Tier4 then it’s pure fail. “
 JeannRosaire – Iron Rock “This is completely silly and ridiculous… I hope they realize their mistake before this goes live…”
 Hothead – Iron Rock “That list for t4 scenarios is garbage..why would they remove all the other scenarios”
 Huntler – Gorfang “Mythic please have a game wide poll on what scenarios we want. You took out several of the best. grovod, serpents, caledor woods. What were you thinking?”
 Foofmonger – Volkmar “Personally, I don’t think this is a good idea, not because of any reason besides the actual scenario removed, there are a ton of good ones that should be in the “regular” list.”
 Kirsten – Badlands “This is a terrible idea.  Mournkain in tier 4 will be a bomb squad nightmare.  Nordenwatch gets old, so do we really have to do it in every tier?”
 Utopi – Volkmar “Just give it up with the polls/ Rants because they will not revert these epic failed changes.”
 Stormironballz – Gorfang “Terrible, Terrible, Terrible news. Gromril, Grovod, Serpents, gone gone gone. Even the scenarios I don’t care for one way or another are gone in Logrins and the Black Crag one.”

11 thoughts on “1.3.4 The Patch Scenarios |almost| Died

  1. Why? Why why why why why? I don’t even play WAR anymore and this breaks my heart.Mythic, please, for the love of Mork, rethink this approach.


  2. I don’t even play WAR anymore either, and this change certainly makes it a lot less likely that I ever will again in the future. Madness, complete madness.


  3. I think it’s a great idea. Rather than wait in the que I get to PvP more. I think WoW is going to have to cut one BG pretty soon too.


  4. Doug, you’re still going to be waiting in a queue. You’re still only queuing with the players in your tier. The amount of people doing scenarios will be boosted for a while, but once the brand-new-shiny wears off, you have 6 scenarios to last you the rest of your Warhammer career.


  5. Why is it a recurring theme with the Mythic’s WAR team that players ask for one thing, and they deliver something completely different while breaking several things in the process?


  6. It didn’t sink in until I read your post Grim… I was only thinking like a few crappy scenarios were going, but yea gawds! What the hell are they doing? 😦


  7. I thought I read they did it by judging by the amount each one launched. Was that really the way to do it? No wonder SP is gone. It is always one of the first zones locked so you never really got a chance to do SP after the first few months. It wasn’t because players hated it.I ranted about this pretty good on my blog today, and it may continue on even tomorrow. I just came back to WAR because I thought scenarios were going to liven up with the new scenario currency.


  8. I’m no fan of scenarios, but play them from time to time when the enemy evades the fights in the RvR-lakes..This changes are horrible.On the German WAR forums, people start to make jokes that the next step will be to cut the not so often played careers. Will definitely be cheaper to cut WL or Magus instead of fixing them..oh..and it will surely enhance the gaming experience.. or so Mythic could argue.


  9. Moronic is how I would describe this decision. Okay I would have dropped grovod carverns, logrins forge. But there is nothing to much wrong with the rest. Actually clueless is how I think Mythic have acted. Jesus what are they thinking. PS – Zizlak, the reference on the German forums, actually made me chuckle.


  10. i guess now my screenshots of Khaine’s Embrace are gonna be finally worth something :P Khaine’s Embrace, Stone Troll Crossing, and Serpent’s Passage removed? I liked those 😦


  11. i guess now my screenshots of Khaine’s Embrace are gonna be finally worth something :P Khaine’s Embrace, Stone Troll Crossing, and Serpent’s Passage removed? I liked those 😦


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