Wandering in WAR

I had about 5 hours of soloing time in WAR over the weekend, mostly on my Shadow Warrior looking for the next best place to kite mobs around. I spent a good amount of time in Talabecland at R26 running through the cemetery just outside the Flight Master location. Seems gravestones make for wonderful kiting hazards as mob pathing in WAR can be screwy when you throw in obstacles. Most mobs in there are R30-31, so I was averaging around 600xp a kill. Still, doing the same thing over and over, no matter how efficient it is, gets old fast. I’m not a fan of grinding, and thus I went to explore a bit further into the reaches of south Talabecland.

So here’s the first issue with being massively underleveled for an area, you miss out on all the quests. I may never know what Sigmars Shrine is for, since I don’t intend to go back when I hit R28. There’s also some Griffon Nests in the southeast corner that I attempted to climb into, but I ended up moving outside the zone area and got ported back to my bind location. One of the things I had to keep an eye out for, was the random roaming Champ and Hero mobs. They’re very sneaky, and managed to gank me a few times. There’s a roaming trio on horseback of two Champs and a Hero, they path near the bridges in the southwest. In the forest at the south part of the map there’s a couple champs that mosey between the trees driving up my nervous tic all the time. There’s a pair of champs (one being a plaguebeast) that roam along the Market field path. Over near Sigmars Shrine there’s a champ or two. Just southwest on the camp side of the river is a Plaguebearer champ, I think he’s worth an unlock. There’s a couple champ wolves near the banks of the main river, pretty sure I saw a champ vulture, and a champ spawn of Tzeentch.

Of course, I attempted to tackle every single one of these, and managed to down most of them. It made me sad though. Not a single one of them dropped any loot. It’s like all the random champ mobs in the game exist only to wtfpwn you when you’re not paying attention. There’s no great reward for killing them. The xp isn’t even all that great. C’mon Mythic! Gimmie back my champ loot tables!

Anyway, I didn’t really have anything of substance to post. Couldn’t find anymore destro in T3 since the launch of Iron Rock. I’m pretty sure everyone that used to be leveling on Praag just rerolled over there. However, I did go digging through some of my screenshots and managed to find a few gems. So here ya go, half a page of rambling, and some screenshots for today 🙂

4 thoughts on “Wandering in WAR

  1. I know exactly what you mean, the number of champion mobs I have tanked for them to reward me with nothing, is a little bit disappointing.Why have them, if they are not there as an bonus item or tome unlock. As a KotBS I can tank pretty much all champions equal to my level, whereas as RP, I couldn't achieve that, so maybe that's why they (Mythic) didn't riddle them with bonus's, since they would have been class dependant.Though I did come across a champion cat outside a fort in Reikland that gave me a tome unlock.


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