Chaos! Despair! Murder!

A full week since a blog post! I’ve got some things on my mind…

Firstly, the newly formed Alliance on Praag of the larger and more active RvR bloodthirsty cretins has successfully turned the tides of our server. Zones were flipped, Forts were pushed, and we were SO close to getting into the Inevitable City! Granted, I’m not a great fan of the way we did things, but it was necessary when fighting a larger and/or better geared force. Here is where I thank the makers for three zones, and multiple objectives. It took a while to dig in and begin to repel invaders from the lines nearest to our forts, but eventually our persistence paid off as more and more pugs came out of their holes to join us. Winning is an addictive chemical substance to be taken in large amounts, all at once, without prescription or notifying your doctor. A few solid keep defenses in a row and we headed off to each zone, 4 groups of 12, to simultaneously cap every BO at once.

Boy does that make people angry! The puggers damn near abandoned our cause as they couldn’t hump their BO’s for piddly renown ticks, and the battle was close to lost. Destro pushed a zone down to 30m domination timers at the keeps as our collective shriveled. A tactical mistake perhaps. Apparently some people NEED those sad little renown ticks from capping BO’s. Alas! We would have none of this! Our alliance was still 60 members strong, and greater mobility would win the day. As Destro closed in on their cap of the zone, the remaining two went wholly undefended. Leaving 2 warbands to each grab up undefended keeps, the remaining people snuck into their zone cap, and quickly snatched a BO before the blanket of red washed over us. Their 5m wait was extended to 30m yet again.

You could almost HEAR the tears hitting the ground.

Some decided to leave the zone and fight against us at the remaining two red keeps. There was enough to deter a warband, so we forced the outer doors down, and ran. I hate running. Would much prefer murder over running. My cat avoided me in this mood.

The few (relatively) Destro stayed at the keep with the outer doors down, and we joined in for mass reinforcements to the second one. With our numbers doubled we quickly swarmed upstairs and downed their lord. It was brutal. Destro region chat must have been aflame! O how I wish I had confirmation.

The stream of tears quickly became a torrential downpour!

Our ninja group was preparing yet another insurgence into the near-dominated destro zone. With less than 10 minutes to go, they failed their attempt as the reluctant Destro zerg decided it may be more effective to have a full two parties at each BO for defense. Moving quickly, as was our tactical advantage, the whole of our alliance flooded down on top of one BO. Leaving a bloody stain in our wake, and one BO captured, their zone flip would have to wait 45m, if ever.

Enraged the hoard quickly headed to our position, alas to find a small token force as the remainder scurried away to yet another BO. Lies, deceit, feints, and very quick and organized movements over the next hours caused many many Destro to /ragelog and play alts in T1.

Take this entire scenario, repeat it over 9 zones, and Order became the annoying bastards they needed to be for a long since absent victory. Land of the Dead was ours throughout the day, and if we were to give up one zone, it was because we were taking 2. These were some of the most frustrating tactics I’ve ever taken part in, but they work. Constantly running, avoiding the enemy, and denying any advancement on their part without significant losses is the best way to turn the tides of the WAR.

Let it be a guide for you Destro on Order dominated servers. Short of a massive zerg, spreading out in just-effective-enough groups will cause the battlefields to slowly come in your favor. The larger zerg you face, the more likely they will not listen, and just follow the person in front of them.

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