WCPI – Tome of Knowledge (how did I miss this guy??)

Greg Moran is one of the longest standing bloggers still kicking up posts to this day. He’s also an amazing artist with a ton of unique content at his site tok.blogwarhammer.net and also dabbles in webcomics. I know I’ve heard the name before, and the site looks familiar, but somehow got overlooked on my blogroll. Currently catching up on posts, I feel the need to right things and throw a WCPI at him anyway. Greg is a strong proponent of the WCPI and general WAR community, which is a huge common interest for us. We’re also of like mind in our tendancies to WAR blog purists as a preference. There’s really a lot more to say about his style, humor, detail, and wit, but you can scurry along to his site and see for yourself. 

 Ziss over at Lagwar gets the credit for bringing him to my attention (he also has a contest going if you check out podcast #25), as he recently did an Interview with Greg Moran…


I took tuesday off to spend some good quality WAR Patch Day time. If it counts, I actually had the WCPI finished on Friday, just sitting in reserve to be posted. Cookies?

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