WCPI : One Shard

For the weekly WCPI nomination, we have One Shard

The blog is barely two weeks old today, but the style is just right. There’s a little bit of analysis, some opinion, a spot of roleplaying, constructive suggestions, and a sheer lack of /rage. The writer at One Shard has been a long time gamer with MMO’s, and has been playing WAR since launch day. Over the past two weeks he’s been a more proliferous blogger than many, and the content is quality stuff.

 Check him out!

As for myself, I’ve been slacking a bit on the posts. I think the combination of Land of the Dead, the 1.3 patch, and a recent onset of work has slowed me down. Not to mention keeping up with all the blogs everyday! Maybe, just maybe if the rest of you bloggers slow down, I’ll feel more compelled to write moar. Hmm…

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