The Grudge #12 – Gabe Amatangelo – Read your Manual

There’s a saying to motivate people that goes something along the lines of “Light a fire under their ass.” , but for all intensive purposes, I feel that WAR deserves much harsher treatment. It would certainly get these guys on point if such a clause existed, and I can’t really put it past GW to include such a thing.

On the upside, there is indeed a pre-patch availiable (about 900MB of LotD goodness!), and there will likely be some small patch by the end of the week to activate it, and fix whatever they’re working on now. You can find a link to it here. If you’ve been following WAR for a while, too scared to dip your toes into the violent waters, sub up now, get the pre-patch, and level up to R25 as fast as you can. There’s a lot of well deserved love being dropped into the game. I really wish they would post a modified patch note list. Hopefully sooner than later!

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