WCPI – Just One More Unlock

Yessir that’s right. I finally bugged PhoenixRed over at WHA long enough to get him to
update his WCPI
. Off to the right side of the page you’ll notice the WCPI logo and I
have obligated myself to a responsibility of promoting WAR blogging on a weekly
(or more frequent) basis. Here’s the deal, I love WAR. I love blogs that love
WAR. Blogs that have a positive spin on the game, or ones that simply chronicle
the great time they have in the game, are the ones I enjoy the most. There’s a
large number of blogs out there that seem to consider themselves watchdogs for
anything that goes wrong, and use their blog as a platform to expose elements
of the game that suck. I probably won’t give them a WCPI nod unless they’re
particularly well written and have a conclusion that gives a reasonable
solution. It’s just how I feel the WCPI should be used. It’s to promote the game and draw in new
players, not to discourage those who have been following it all along.

Down to
business then, my first WCPI nomination goes to a rather new blog dedicated to
the ToK and the endless search for more unlocks! 

 Just One More Unlock is
written in a delightful style by an experienced blogger and gamer who goes by the name of
Leslie. After a brief period of stalking I decided I liked her style and the
aim of her blog, it fits well with my requirements. Her first
tipped me off to what can be expected over the lifetime of her blog, and it gets me all kinds of excited. Leslie has been a long time gamer with classics such as UO and Horizons, along with the excellent guild based PvP-oriented Shadowbane, and the ho-hum lord of the MMO universe World of Warcraft. While she’s had some rather large success with her other blogs, WAR is a different monster altogether, and I’d like to welcome her into the fold!

One thought on “WCPI – Just One More Unlock

  1. I love that blog myself. Never comment as I spend waaaay too much time just going over the small bit of information on there….then jetting off to WarDB to look up that and other stuff.


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