Milestone – 10,000 Views

Not too shabby!

I'd like to thank all you webcomic fans, and blog readers, for sticking through my nonsense to this point. Same to my fellow bloggers that I've trolled and pestered over the months. More thanks to the producers and developers of WAR that I've had so much fun picking on over the past 11 episodes of the little comic started on a whim. I'm not really sure how far this will go, but as long as there's people poking my links, I'll do my damndest to satisfy.

8 thoughts on “Milestone – 10,000 Views

  1. @monkeyfish, nazgum, eyeballThanks guys :)@gryzI might have to do a spot on our guild if you're gonna give away my secret identity :p@lmaharjungrateful wench! lol, nice to see you finally picked up on things.


  2. Not like I fully understand everything but they are interest to read. Just be happy I care enough to care.. Yeah, I think that makes sense. =P


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