The Grudge #11 – Gabe Amatangelo – Relax man.

It’s kind of a testament to how I feel when I play on PTS. Yeah, we’re there to find bugs and report them. Give constructive criticisms, helpful feedback. It’s basically a volunteer service to overload the zone and find out what breaks down. It’s just, there was SO much broken the first time I was in there, it really felt like a joke. The entire LotD cast of critters had no animations! “Andy” said it worked in the closed tests, and it was fixed shortly thereafter, but really? What kind of bug kills animations for every mob in a zone? Things like that make my head hurt a little.

Last I checked, Amsu was still spamming his Skull-of-warband-wiping attack during the final stage of his PQ. Still getting nailed by the Khopesh-of-one-shotting by random skeletons, particularly at the Obelisk PQ. They’re working on things, and it’s getting better. I just hope they finish this one off with a massive dose of hairglide and car wax. If you’re gonna get a zone right in every facet, it needs to be this one.

Still tons of fun~ hehe

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