The Grudge #10 – Gabe Amatangelo takes a hit.

Ok, ok. It was a cheap shot. I know.

They all are.

I can’t help but wonder when I see some of Gabe’s podcasts if he was JUST outside tucked away in a corner engaging in some recreational… activities. It makes me laugh… Anyway, I was going to start off with Jeff Skalski, but he seems to have issues looking at cameras. When he does, his glasses tend to reflect off of everything which makes him look a little bit too much like he has godly laser eyes. That scares me (and is also the reason I love my Archmage). Dammit Jeff! -shakes fist- look at the camera! Stop staring at the man-flesh standing next to you!

Also, the Land of the Dead is very cool. I’ve been there many times on a few different toons so far. The Lair boss I briefly got wiped by was incredibly difficult. Amsu’s Charge and the Obelisk have insta-wipe moments in the third stage of each. The River Barge PQ (cannot recall the name at the moment) is the best one for loot. Souls are awesome, lots of talisman slots are awesome, and the stat/aoe changes haven’t noticeably affected either my ST/AoE Engi or my AoE Slayer. Pulling the C&C changes was a great move.

One of these days, I’ll make a halfway decent post on more experiences. For now, just be assured that it is indeed a lifesaver for WAR.

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