WCPI – Fight On The Flag

It’s another Tueday WCPI promotion!

Today we have Perle, the blogger hailing from Fight on the Flag which is actually an Order guild on Gorfang. This is a long running blog with posts dating way back to pre-launch, yet I’ve only stumbled across it last week. Guild leaders, it seems, have a much higher rate of retainment compared to other players for staying with the game. I expect that Perle, along with her excellent content (and videos now as well!) will be along for quite a long while. Stop by and check her out!

5 thoughts on “WCPI – Fight On The Flag

  1. Heya, thanks for the shout out 🙂 Yes I am indeed a girl. Please check out my new video entitled Doorhammer Online: Age of Carpentry, at the FOTF Web site, http://www.fightontheflag.com. You can actually hear my voice at various parts, including toward the end "wanna go again?"


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