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 If you haven’t seen the Games Day Baltimore videos for the Land of the Dead, head over to Warhammer Alliance, or see my previous blog post, and revel in the glory. There’s some pretty shinies in there, and I managed to catch a couple shots of em in action. I can imagine that WAR has a few different development teams all working on different things simultaneously. While some do a decent enough job, like the Live Events, others have a rougher time getting things tweaked just right. Check out the elite rewards in Bastion Stair sometime, just not right for Willpower to be the universal main stat. Grrrr… 

 However, the Live Expansion team has got a barrel of rocket fuel and is looking to light this whole place on fire! Seems to me, these are the big dog money-makers of WAR, and they’re dipping their fingers into all kinds of aspects of the game. They’ve got new gear, a new ward system, new PQ’s and more dynamic at it, a whole new zone filled with sand and bones, a massive RvR-mandatory dungeon, TRAPS! (has anyone really ever done this before?), more tokens, and a long anticipated distraction from the train wreck that most percieve city sieges to be. Not me of course, I take plenty of satisfaction in locking Destro out of their homeland for a couple hours at least. Especially when I can gank em from behind, or farm their Auctioneers and Librarians for purple gear.

First up! We have a screenshot of the new Ward gear, that isn’t really going to be ward gear at all. Sound confusing? Ah, good. Each area in LotD has a potential to drop set gear.
 It’s a bit small and hard to see, but pulling it out of a video of a video doesn’t make for great quality. Regardless, on the left you have the current hierarchy of loot. Starting with Sovereign gear all the way down to the Bloodlord Set from Bastion Stair. The Necropolis PQ’s give out pieces from R25-40 and one would assume the R40ish ones would have Lesser wards on them to match Bastion Stair wards. The Lairs drop pieces equivalent to the Sentinel set Greater wards, which are around RR40. The main dungeon in the middle would be the Tomb of the Vulture Lord Tyrant. This appears to be inbetween Darkpromise and Warlord gear.

Next up is a nice mashup of all the different bits of gear I could isolate from the videos. Also low quality, but its something. Go ahead and give it a click to make it a bit larger.

From here we can see a couple of the new back items in the game. There’s a KotBS with a spiffy griffon helm. Witch Hunters get a double-skull back item that looks great. Marauders get even bigger horns. All in all, judging on the overall looks of the armor, seems we have a good bit of variation coming up. Even Shammys get some nice black horns to wear on their widdle heads. Lots of horns and skulls and dead things all around to cover yourself in. I know there’s more stuff out there, but I’m already a day late in posting (due to work), and catching up on a load of other game changes.

1.3 patch note previews came out today. Set gear token prices dropped. There’s still content pouring out of GDB. AGGH! SO MUCH!!!

I’ll be back when my brain recedes back into its cavity.

One thought on “LotD : Loot

  1. oh ho, there is three new sets in total! that's rather interesting..I hope they come up with a way to make these new sets different from the current sets; if the necropolis set is basically just a clone of bloodlord in a different skin that will be rather dull.. would be nice if they come up with some bonuses for these sets outside of the +stats we see on the other ones =)


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