The Grudge #1 – Hickman on Server Balance

I’m not horribly creative, but this looks like it could be a lot of fun. I’ll admit, it’s new to me, so I’ll probably learn more things as time goes by. In the meantime, post some questions for the captured Mythic King. I plan on having much fun with him. Hehe…

Right, that was fun. I have a MUCH better layout planned for next time (you can now find the original in the comic compendium page). Just got finished making a template for it to follow, and plotted out a few more conversations to have with Mr. Hickman. Good times I assure!

4 thoughts on “The Grudge #1 – Hickman on Server Balance

  1. I plan on re-doing this one in the new format tomorrow. It should look a lot better and more in tune with the site layout. I don't know what drugs I was doing when I decided a yellow sidebar and captions would look good. If anyone can remind me I'd like to try them again for my next presentation at work. 🙂


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