Another Quicksheet!

I must be in the mood for staring at spreadsheets for some reason. Well, it’s linked on the Campaign Resources page, or here I guess. There’s quite a few differences in pulling all of the Divine spells into a quicksheet vs doing the Arcane spells. First off, I condensed a bunch of the domains a while ago, which meant going through the additional sourcebooks. deciding what should go where, and what should just be left out entirely.

The Time, Thought, and Numbers spheres aren’t included. Time manipulation is problematic to say the least and doesn’t really fit one of the existing domains snugly. The low level spells are pretty benign, but getting up there starts doing things like aging people, skipping a day, disconnecting the short-term and long-term memory, weird things. The Thought sphere is basically Psionics-lite, nah bro. I’m good. Psionics can stay in it’s little handbook for those GM’s far more masochistic than myself. Charm and Illusion are more than enough. Numbers is a conceptually weird one that seems tied to the conspiracy theory that all numbers mean things and thus tell the future and alter reality. Translating that to a power granted by a deity literally gives their clerics the ability to alter reality. Why it’s related to dimensional spaces is clearly too deep for me, I’m not running it. Nope.

One of the sourcebooks is labeled as DCC, which is anything that I’ve changed or added for the campaign. That’s it. Easy post.


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