2e Arcane Spells Quicksheet

Two posts in a week, I must be feeling generous or something. Maybe it’s just my annual hibernation through the winter months. This is of course just one of the many things I’ve been silently working on in the background, and now that it’s more-or-less finished I can share it with random wanderers of the internet. Do what you will with it.

There are 481 lines on this spreadsheet for all the traditional 8 schools of Arcane spells (no Wild Magic, thanks), from several of the 2e sourcebooks. PHB, Spells and Magic, Tome of Magic, Wizard’s Handbook, and Necromancer’s Handbook. Included are the Level, Sourcebook, Spell Name, Primary and Secondary school, Range, Duration, Area of Effect, VSM requirements, Saving throw, and short list of effects where I bothered to enter anything.

This is yet another of the many things that I haven’t been able to find sufficiently documented out in the wild, so hopefully I’m providing information in a way that hasn’t been done yet. If anything, it’s a list that as a DM I can quickly sort and lookup spells on the fly. It helps immensely. Please note, this is for my campaign so some things are changed. If something seems off, check the original sourcebook. The vast majority should be as the originals.

I’ve updated my Campaign Resources page with the link here. It’s only set to viewable, so you’ll need to make a copy of your own to do any sorting. I’ll be posting the Divine version when it’s finished, coming soon*. I’m also working on the full spell descriptions, but that’s a bit more intensive and will take quite a bit more time. I wish there were some magic I could tell you I’ve been working to input all of these details. There isn’t. Just manual entry for every single line. Good times. Enjoy it.

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