It’s been quite a while since I pulled out this particular feature. I’ve decided to bring it back to show off some of the cool and interesting D&D blogs that I’ve been running into across the internet. The wealth of interesting bits and pieces these prolific bloggers jot has inspired my personal campaign dozens of times. The least I could do is share them with you all.

Two-On-Tuesday is back.


This connoisseur of the 12-sided die crafts masterfully detailed lists, lists of things, people and places. Lists concise and alluring, descriptions just long enough to leave the mind wondering, and actively working to fill in the blanks. I’ve used my 12-sided die more after discovering The Dungeon Dozen, than ever before.

D&D is a game subject to all sorts of rules, in fact the very premise in the earliest rules is that if you don’t like something, feel free to change it. As such the game has been subject to whimsy, improvisation, poorly documented change, and the occasional fit of senile denial. Regardless what rules may come from day to day, Telecanter has his own Receding Rules and they’re precisely what the founders premised.

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