My D&D Blogroll

It seems the long established gaming blogroll that I’ve followed over the years has been dwindling, down to ~21 active blogs with a handful more that post months apart. Personally I’ve found a rather strong correlation to these blogs quieting down and the shutdown of Google Reader. Perhaps this is just coincidence, and the vast majority of people that I’ve followed over the years just hit that age where blogs naturally die out. However, in their absence I decided to start following my other significant interest in D&D and found a whole new world of blogs available for me to pick at.

Being that I have two significant interests and only enough patience to deal with a single blog (I experimented with this a long time ago), you lot will probably just deal with a mix of topics that I’ll post about. There’s categories and probably a way to filter through things if you’re terribly picky. I wanted to take time in this post to acknowledge the new blogroll that has probably made it onto my sidebar by now. As most of the D&D blogs are single-topic, I’ll have a section for them alone. This should be a good start however.

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