Warframe Review and Gameplay Video

I just realized that I never bothered to crosspost this video to the blog. I’ve been playing the crap out of this game for the past couple of weeks in my spare time. It’s got me hooked something fierce and right on the verge of spending money for some of the more elusive things. Here, take a peek at some rambly video bits.

2 thoughts on “Warframe Review and Gameplay Video

  1. I used to play this all day long, til i got bored. Suddenly when they introduced the new patch, all my abilities got reset and the whole ability and upgrade mechanics were upgraded… It got me lost and I didn’t bother playing much again! How is the state of this game currently? Still as fun?


    • There’s been even more drastic UI changes in the recent patches. Starmap is totally changed, special events show up differently. The clans were released and have had a major overhaul since then as well. There’s a lot more reasons to playing now than just leveling up your frame and weapons. It’s my go-to shooter now.


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