Cleric of Tyr Domain Based Spell List

Excellent. This is the example of what I’ve been looking for as far as getting a full list of spells using specific domains or spheres for a Cleric. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for, and I wish there were an easier way to get things formatted into place when I find other spell resources to draw from. I’ve also got a post for all of the domains separated in this manner as well that I’ll throw up as soon as I manage to dump it to HTML and then strip all of the excess tagging out.

So hopefully, if you’re looking for a pretty comprehensive spell list that you could hand straight to your Cleric of Tyr, this will suit you well.

A couple caveats, Tyr is not a Life/Healing deity, therefore these Clerics in my campaign receive no basic healing ability. They get the All domain, and that’s about it (I did revise this to include Cure Light and Cure Serious as All/Healing spells). Another thing, the Guardian and Wards domains have been merged together. The War and Combat domains have also been merged together. That will be more apparent when I get my full list of domains on the blog.

Normal – 2e Players Handbook
Bold – Tome of Magic
Underline – Player’s Option – Spells and Magic
_Underscore – Campaign Specific/Altered spells

italics – Reversible
*Asterisk – Cooperative Spells

Clerics of Tyr Spell List
Divination, Guardian, Law, War

Level 1

Analyze Balance (1st) 
Bless (1st)
Blessed Watchfulness (1st)
Combine (1st)
Command (1st)
Courage (1st)
Detect Evil (1st)  
Detect Magic(1st)
Detect Poison (1st)
Light (1st)
Magical Stone (1st)
Morale (1st)
Orison (1st)
Protection from Chaos (1st) 
Purify Food and Drink (1st)
Sacred Guardian (1st)
Weighty Chest (1st)

Level 2

Aid (2nd)
Augury (2nd)
Calm Chaos (2nd) 
Chant (2nd)
Detect Charm (2nd)
Emotion Perception (2nd)
Enthrall (2nd) 
Ethereal Barrier (2nd)
Find Traps (2nd)
Frisky Chest (2nd) 
Hold Person (2nd)  
Iron Vigil (2nd)
Mystic Transfer* (2nd)
Rally (2nd)
Sanctify* (2nd)
Spiritual Hammer (2nd)
Wyvem Watch (2nd)
Zone of Truth (2nd)

Level 3

Adaptation (3rd)
Caltrops (3rd)
Continual Light (3rd)
Detect Spirits (3rd)
Dictate (3rd) 
Dispel Magic (3rd)
Efficacious Monster Ward (3rd)
Extradimensional Detection (3rd)
Fortify (3rd)
Glyph of Warding (3rd)
Invisibility Purge (3rd)
Locate Object (3rd)
Prayer (3rd)
Rigid Thinking (3rd)
Remove Curse (3rd)
Speak with Dead (3rd)
Squeaking Floor (3rd)
Strength of One (3rd)
Thief’s Lament (3rd)
Unearthly Choir* (3rd)
Zone of Sweet Air (3rd)

Level 4

Abjure (4th)
Compulsive Order (4th)
Defensive Harmony (4th)
Detect Lie (4th) 
Dimensional Anchor (4th)
Divination (4th)
Entrench (4th)
Fire Purge (4th)
Focus* (4th)
Leadership (4th)
Omiscient Eye (4th)
Recitation (4th)
Tanglefoot (4th)
Tongues (4th)
Uplift* (4th)
Weather Stasis (4th)

Level 5

Atonement (5th)
Barrier of Retention (5th)
Champion’s Strength (5th)
Commune (5th)
Consequence (5th)
Disguise  (5th)
Elemental Forbiddance (5th)
Flame Strike (5th)
Grounding (5th)
Illusory Artillery (5th)
Impeding Permission (5th)
Magic Font (5th)
Meld* (5th)
Quest (5th)
Righteous Wrath of the Faithful (5th)
Shrieking Walls (5th)
True Seeing (5th)
Unceasing Vigilance of the Holy Sentinel (5th)
Undead Ward (5th)

Level 6

Blade Barrier (6th)
Crushing Walls (6th)
Dragonbane (6th)
Find the Path (6th)
Forbiddance (6th)
Gravity Variation (6th)
Land of Stability (6th)
Legal Thoughts (6th)
Speak with Monsters (6th)
Spiritual Wrath* (6th)
Stone Tell (6th)
Word of Recall (6th)

Level 7

Divine Inspiration (7th)
Gate (7th)
Holy Word (7th)
Illusory Fortification (7th)
Shadow Engine (7th) 
Symbol (7th)
Tentacle Walls (7th)


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