It’s that day that I generally forgo a normal blog post and give some props out to a pair of posts in the blogging community. I mean, it’s been a week right? I’ve got to have at least two blog posts that I’ve read which have blown my mind at least a little bit. This thing is fragile, old, and prone to acts of violence. I’m quite susceptible to inspired fits of furious fingering on the keyboard. Also, it’s a nice reprieve from what seems to be a permanently painful Monday work schedule that may or may not have me up until the wee hours listening to the squeals of irate clients and their broken computer issues. I also play D&D on Monday nights, which absorbs much of my blog preparation time.

Without further interruption from your blogger extraordinaire, I give you my two picks for the week. It’s Two-On-Tuesday.


First up, I need to give a long-winded obligatory nod to three fine UK’ers that contribute to this next blog. James KulasGary Kirwan, and Adam Lee. These three collectively blog at and got started with the Newbie Blogger Initiative this past May. Their site looks downright PROFESSIONAL. They cover much of mainstream gaming news, but I think they do it particularly well. Take a peek at their short and sweet coverage of the recent mess THQ got themselves into.

Well, you’re here, which means you’re probably a fan of long rambling walls of text. My brother from an unrelated mother Chris Smith AKA @Scopique(One of the many Smiths in our growing circle of internet personalities) has this amazing talent for flipping a topic on its ear and forcing a new viewpoint into your skull that would have otherwise gone un-imagined. Don’t believe me? Check this post out. (If you do believe me, check it out anyways)

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