Reviewing Chivalry: Medieval Warfare

These count as blog posts, because I basically get to go over and write down all my thoughts on the game, and then attempt to regurgitate them while being repeatedly murdered. It’s fun! Do you like being repeatedly murdered in quick succession by swords and axes? You might like this game! Here’s a spoiler, I’m going to keep playing it and probably make another video of my being repeatedly murdered. Oh, and they’re apparently doing a HUGE UPDATE by the end of the month (checks a calendar) i.e. SOON. That might actually clear all of my complaints about the game. Well, maybe not all of them.

At any rate, watch the video. Then upvote the video. Then comment your undying adoration to the video. Then subscribe to the channel. Then send me a cashiers check for 40,000$.

If you do any one of these things, thanks! Here ya go.

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