It’s that day that I generally forgo a normal blog post and give some props out to a pair of posts in the blogging community. I mean, it’s been a week right? I’ve got to have at least two blog posts that I’ve read which have blown my mind at least a little bit. This thing is fragile, old, and prone to acts of violence. I’m quite susceptible to inspired fits of furious fingering on the keyboard. Also, it’s a nice reprieve from what seems to be a permanently painful Monday work schedule that may or may not have me up until the wee hours listening to the squeals of irate clients and their broken computer issues. I also play D&D on Monday nights, which absorbs much of my blog preparation time.

Without further interruption from your blogger extraordinaire, I give you my two picks for the week. It’s Two-On-Tuesday.


The first pick goes to my favorite Reverend Doctor Presidential Candidate, none other than the esteemed Joshua S. Drescher. This fine gentleman makes words slide across a page like any well seasoned blogger, and when he’s got something to say, there’s a damn fine chance it’s worth hearing. Here’s his take on the executive office even casting a sideways glance at the gaming industry. Did I mention he might have a bit of pedigree on the topic? Oh, well he does.

Normally I would shy away from attempting to promote a Kickstarter project of any kind, but David Flor from A Walk In The Dark muttered something on Twitter about giving away a load of his PDF’s in support of rebuilding the EN World website. Naturally curious, and with far too much time on my hands, I checked it out. Somehow, I’ve missed out on this site in my tabletop gaming adventures, probably because I was happy enough building my own worlds. This is basically the D&D tabletop gaming mecca, and it was violently torn apart by hackers. Whatever is currently running appears to be a backup, but the Kickstarter itself is supported by vast swaths of the community at large, and the money is being raised to give it a drastic makeover in the terms of power, security, and longevity. Also, for 25$ there’s a large pile of D&D PDF’s donated, that if I had to guess will continue to grow over the next month.

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