Borderlands 2 Farming Adventures!

You will be seeing a LOT of this guy.

You will be seeing a LOT of this guy.


So you’ve finished off the storyline of the game, went back through and did it again in the impressive sounding TRUE VAULT HUNTER MODE, and you’ve probably been collecting Golden Keys (omg why are you not getting these free looooots) from various Gearbox twitter accounts, Facebook pages, and blog posts. Or you’re just using the cheaty link that I am up there. Well that’s nice, you’ve probably got a whole bunch of purple gear and fighting the Warrior over and over again in hopes of some insane weapons can be a little… uh… challenging when running solo.

Well not any more! I figured out a method that allows you to beat up on the poor giant lava dragon thingy without hardly getting a scratch on ya. I even made another video, actually, that’s the extent of this post. Go watch stuff on YouTube. You’re welcome.

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