New Years, New Home


Bob Vila is the MAN. I learned so many things watching his shows.

With a new year on the horizon, and a couple days behind me already (starting late, that sounds right) it seems like as good a time as any to start doing more than just Twitter again. This old blog has been moved to a new foundation, and I have the most excellent admin over at, to thank for the assistance (also see @shivtr). Currently if you take a look at, it’s broken. They pulled out all of the old posts, comments, and most of the images like the champion that he’s always been, and ported them into a WordPress format for me. I’ve gone back through the 260 or so posts and updated the Categories to match up to the games. Tags are going to be a whole different problem, but I’ll have tagging on the new posts, probably.

Well I guess now the problem is going to be a focus for the blog. I’ve slipped on my time playing Rift since the Storm Legion expansion. I made it to 53 on my Cleric before being distracted by all the other shiny games crying for attention on my Steam account. The past month has been pretty devoid of any serious MMO gaming, I’ve logged maybe an hour each on Guild Wars 2 and Rift. Mostly trying to clear out that last 1% of World Map on GW2, and Rift I logged in a few times, walked in circles, and went out to the bar instead.

I’ve been playing plenty of other games, so I’ll do a round-up post for last year with my thoughts on them sometime this weekend. If you’re interested in following my on Raptr to see how much of what when, you can clicky and add me. I’ll add you back. Steam has been a kind, yet demanding, mistress over her whorehouse of gaming pleasure. Always flaunting that hot new harem girl of the week with all manners of tantalizing lady bits and hosting seasonal orgies of gaming bliss… Annnd I’m getting a little off track here.

Onwards to the future of the blog! So these are going to be some goals for the year.

  • Take more screenshots and tell more stories. I have so many moments when gaming, there’s no reason I shouldn’t be doing this. These moments come up outside of MMO’s all the time, I’ll do what I can to be careful about spoilers.
  • Do some more work with videos. Learning to edit, cut, and make interesting things. I’ve done this before, wasn’t terrible. I even have a Youtube account floating around.
  • Start reading all the blogs again (check out that blogroll! –> ), and do random link love.
  • Entertain myself with the notion of some sort of Podcast, or at least bothering those that host podcasts so they let me show up and ramble. I like rambling.
  • Moar PvP, with Livestreaming. If there’s one thing I’ve been lacking this year, it’s PvP. Gotta change that, get my edge back. My internet connection and beast of a PC can manage smooth livestreaming too.
  • Dungeons and Dragons is a huge part of my creative ensemble. Started following some fellow DnD type peoples, it’s time to start writing about my own views on things.

So hide yo kids, hide yo wife. Grim is back on the scene and he… I’m gonna just stop that one right there.

I’m back. The address might have changed but the salty, bitter, and occasionally entertaining writing is still around. I’ve got my opinions and I’m not afraid to vomit them verbosely all over the computer screen. Update your bookmarks, RSS feeds, and tell your friends. If I’m missing you on the blogroll be sure to pester me something fierce. If one of the links are broken, do the same. I pulled all of those out of my gReader account so they should be mostly accurate.

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