I’ve been busy

Wow, look at that. Two months really fly by quick. I’ve been neglecting this blog something fierce, so I figure a short update is in order.

I’m not planning on making a concentrated effort to start blogging again anytime soon. It’s on the back burner as far as my priorities go with life, and there’s plenty of other things for me to do right now.

Work has been keeping me pretty busy. Taking 20-30m to pound away a blog post just isn’t as viable as it was last year. This is where most of the magic happens, but since we moved offices I’m in a much more public and well traveled area next to the exit and outside my bosses offices. Lots of prying eyes and light footed people that force me to alt tab. The state of paranoia is not a good one to try and do vast amounts of writing in. It’s not like I’m ever concise. A terrible weakness, I know.

So go home you say? Well, I do. The problem is that I have so much to do when I’m at home that takes priority over writing as well. First and foremost is the gaming, so much damn gaming. I’ve got my hands in League of Legends, Smite, Rift, Secret World, Guild Wars 2, Tribes, Borderlands (#2 coming soon), Assassins Creed (#3 coming soon), Skyrim, etc. All these games are huge, they take a lot of time. Most of which has been dedicated to Guild Wars 2 lately, but wait. That’s if I manage to stay inside at night.

Summertime of course and interaction with Real Humans has been keeping me from even sitting down at home unless it’s to pass out snoring while on Skype, drunk after being out too late. Yeah, that happened. No one recorded it. Still safe. Apparently I’ve made a dozen new friends in the past two months and they’re all youngin’s fresh out of the local university with all kinds of terrible ideas. Not that I’m planning on getting arrested, but if I did, it would be their fault, somehow. Mostly it’s drinking, shooting pool, house parties. You know, social things that I ignored for years because I couldn’t appreciate the company of stupid people. Now they’re just downright entertaining.

Finally, and perhaps more contrary, I started running a DnD campaign with some older friends of mine (totally different crowd than the above) which does require that I do a fair bit of writing. Over the summer that’s where all of the time I’ve made for writing has gone. We just started the campaign a couple weeks ago, but the month and a half before that I was getting all of my house rules written up, balanced, commented on, re-written, and published to google docs for my players to review before we even got started. I have something like 30 different documents written out that change a ton of the rules for the DnD game we’re in. That’s been a lot of highly rewarding work, because the game flows so well and stil manages to leave a lot of flexibility for players to be batshit crazy and effective.

Before I started blogging, I was running a DnD campaign. When it ended, blogging became my creative outlet. There’s definitely going to be some push and pull as I figure out how those priorities end up playing out, but at the moment the blog is on the losing end of the battle. For now.

But I’m still on Twitter, so there’s that.

One of the things that I’ve considered doing is getting some of the rule changes and writing out where my mind is going as far as getting them changed and throwing that up here for people to comb over. It would probably just be more work with more ideas for me to filter through, but it would be better than leaving the blog unused… maybe? 

Another thing was to go ahead and chronicle the campaign here for the general public to enjoy. I’m already doing this with an internal document, and I don’t think any of my players follow my blog so it wouldn’t be an issue to give away some of the plot elements. Personally, a lot of the fun of the game is in the combat, which is a bit harder to convey or remember specific details afterward. I could probably pull that off. The next game is on Monday, I’ll just see what I feel like then.

2 thoughts on “I’ve been busy

  1. I’d love to see your variants and hear updates/background on the campaign. Not sure I could contribute awesome critiques though – more just because I love to see what other design tweaks people make and crib a few of them for myself!


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